New Luxury Watches 2019 – Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Hermes…

That’s right. We’re doing a QUICK reaction video of the luxury watches released at SIHH 2019 – where the world’s biggest luxury watch brands announced their new watches for the year, including Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Laurent Ferrier, A. Lange & Sohne, H. Moser & Cie, Hermes, and many more!

In today’s episode, Christian and Anna dive into some of the other new SIHH 2019 releases! They begin with the new Champagne/Gold dial Royal Oak, which was only released in white gold but is easily one of the most attractive Royal Oak dial colors in a long time. As for the Code 11.59…well, we already covered that one in much more depth, but in short, that model line has some serious work ahead to become truly the pieces AP seems to have wanted them to be. The 38mm Royal Oak Chronograph? Absolutely love it.

Onto Moser – the Swiss Alp Concept with the tourbillon and minute repeater is a serious winner in terms of design and commitment to the art of horology, but when it comes to the Nature Watch, it does beg the question of who Moser is trying to subvert. The Cartier Santos Dumont is a winner, but the Santos Chronograph is, in Christian’s words, worthy of being “dragged out into the woods and shot.” The A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon, however, is an incredible design and, come on, it’s in salmon. The Zeitwork Date is another model that has managed to win big points, specifically for its ability to execute its date display in a tasteful, innovative, and unobtrusive way. Ressence wins across the board with all of their releases because of just how purely innovative and singular their design language is.

Hermes chimes in with a watch nobody can pronounce the name of, but one that is incredibly well designed and features two dials which rotate around the interior of the case, and for that alone, they really do earn their win. Finally, we get into the world of Jaeger LeCoultre with the Master Grande Tradition Gyro Tourbillon Perpetual – it feels very much like a power play, a sort of show off to remind people why they’re called the “Watchmaker’s Watchmaker.”


Haslett says:

Geo and Garris

Corod says:

Ha, you’re already drunk…

green smoke 420 says:

man,keep anna every video u have,nice video conversation for both of u.

mrdisco99 says:

Sorry, I just can’t with that Swiss Alp watch. I guess as a parody of an Apple Watch I kinda get it, but there’s something just ridiculous about a a watch with a tourbillon and minute repeater and no hands.

Also that Hermes is sexy. I think it’s a big double moon phase bosom dial. If so, the idea of putting the time and date as minor complications on a moon phase timer rather than the other way around is just fantastic.

Lolo102 says:

I just Love it!!! Thank you for this Video!

Nefi Esteban Trujillo says:

Did Ana said “Pobresito”? Lmao

Xemnas0013 says:

You guys are so spot on about brand coverage. I saw via Instagram from a watch fan that Baume et Mercier released a Clifton Club GMT but literally could not find a single detail online. I went to their website and saw a single picture. No details, no size, no movement information, just a single picture… seriously lol. Brands need to step up their game.

jishnu renugopal says:

Great video guys! I think Anna has settled in and found her style. Keep up the good work.

Kevork Nourian says:

Good job very nice show my favourite is the Cartier

Mikkel Lond says:

Love the video! Those 11 minutes flew by, I was so entertained

John Caron says:

Excellent, you two did a great job!

Burke Baalim says:

Loved this video. One of my favs in a while. I agreed as well with most of your pros and cons from sihh. Loved the info and thoughts on why big brands do what they do, or dont do.

Bobby 'Blue Velvet' Dazzler says:

Anna looks like Brian from Family Guy

steven uk1 says:

Umm.. SIHH19 and you haven’t mentioned Richard Mille bon bons.

wakajumba says:

You prefer Moser Swiss Black with NO HANDS over AP 1159!?! GTFO. Surely you jest. (and I will NOT stop calling you Shirley)

Jack McPhail '20 says:

I had the exact same experience on the Cartier website. Confusing to say the least…

David Hoffman says:

Thank you! I needed a smile today. Stay safe.

Jared Ryan says:

Y’all dating? If not, Anna…Hi! How’s it going?

this is SweyZzor says:

would love to see a video about the Twin Beat

Oğuz Han says:

Watching you guys getting drunk

MK2 SvPr4 says:

She is soooo show off… no, tot cool

Senpai Zac says:

Anna looks way hotter now!

Rob Brennan says:

No mention of Vacheron??

nicholas cowen says:

how hammered is anna

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