My Watch Collection – This One’s My Favorite! – 41mm AP Royal Oak Chrono in Rose Gold

For three years strong, I can honestly say that this watch has been the favorite in my collection!

The 41-millimeter Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chrono in rose gold with the black dial continues to hold the top spot. There are so many reasons I like this watch, but two main ones are value and versatility.

In the $40,000-category (for around half the price as a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980), it’s difficult to find a watch that offers more bang for your buck than the rose gold AP Royal Oak Chrono. Think about it, for around half the price of the 5980, you get an all-gold AP that looks absolutely stunning!

The watch adds another level of versatility to any watch collection. The 41-mm AP RO in rose will not only make a nice wrist companion for a formal outfit, but it also looks great in a sportier and less formal attire. This is one of the things I love about the model, unlike the AP Brick which I feel is of limited use to me and is a piece that I get tired of pretty easily!

Given the level of status that this watch carries in the Watch Game, I wouldn’t put it in a daily-beater category. Nevertheless, I definitely would call this watch my “nightly beater!”

In the watch collecting world, it definitely spices up my nighttime adventures!

What are your thoughts about the favorite piece in my collection? What is your favorite watch?

Let me know in the comments below. Also, make sure to share this with a friend that loves watches and luxury!

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Ciuma Padurii says:

The best Oak possible out there on the market. And my number two after this one is the Perpetual in my oppinion.

Stephen Lin says:

This is a beautiful watch and this is a great review! I have a few steel Rolexes and Panerais, trying to step up my watch collection. Currently thinking between the Royal Oak chrono in rose gold and the Open work in stainless steel, any thoughts?

Danny Wong says:

With PP & Rolex being speculated to disgusting prices, I just bought the AP Diver. Adding to my collection of 44mm Panda & 42mm Vampire.
The guys at PP better wake up, VC has much better finishing & 30% cheaper.

Captain jk star says:

You should do a sit down full watch review of all your watches. That would be awesome!!

carter oswalt says:

Awesome video as always

Jens Willemen says:

hey Eric, i have a 2018 AP Chrono with the panda dial. Do you recon it will hold value? Or should i sell it and get a rolex instead if I want to keep the value better? I walked in a second hand shop the other day and asked how much they would buy the watch off me, they said only 16K euros… I bought it now in april, seems a low offer.

Irfaan says:

I like my Rose Gold President Rolex Day-Date. Amazing !

Benjamin Musakadic says:

Can you do a full updated watch collection?

Andre 1,000 says:

Love that watch Eric. Only wish it had a clear case back. But the dial is way better than the new version…and black too, which they don’t make anymore.

OGKennyPowers says:

Beautiful watch. My choice of AP is the rose gold white dial crono with the brown leather strap. Endless style with classic edge.

Peter Sampson says:


ROLEX DJ41 says:

My Favorite is the DJ 41 Steel!

mena seven says:

I think the gold Audemars Piguet 41 mm Royal Oak Chrono is more beautiful then the gold Patek Philippe Nautilus. Beautiful Miami condominium by the awesome emerald sea.

Sackda says:

I might be wrong but on the AP website, you can only choose between the blue and brown dial. I didn’t see the black dial.

ryvr madduck says:

Solid yellow gold just pops with a black dial. Or is it other way ’round?

John Reeper says:

My favorite watch is the 41mm platinum day date glacier blue face with blue Roman numerals. The face & Roman numerals are so reactive to light, stunning. The 41mm will forever be the perfect size day date in my eyes. Platinum is such an unbelievably timeless precious metal. I definitely want to add this rose gold 41mm royal oak offshore one day. Love all your videos & honesty. Always looking forward to the next video. Happy holidays!

serge pugachov says:

Fantastic professional review as usual! I feel like to travel to US from Australia just to have a chat to good solid professional

Hashawn Carey says:

Absolutely love your videos! Greatly appreciative that we have someone out here extremely acknowledgeable on timepieces. I can’t wait until I am financially established to come do business with you, I really want you to be the first person I purchase my first timepiece from. While on the subject, I wanted to ask if you are going to make a video about the Richard Mille 017? I understand it isn’t a popular watch but I would like to know your thought about.

Kevin Diaz says:

Eric great video!!! AP chrono is a timeless piece. Sorry to say but you guys need to upgrade the camera. The video quality is not so great. If you need any recommendations, look into the Sony a7r III.

SoCal Entourage says:

This is my grail!!! Congrats my man.

Bruno Schoelkopf says:

When I see this video I want to be in MIAMI! Don’t care if it’s Greubel Forsey, Audemars or Patek. Greetings from the dark and cold city of Berlin.

David Each yet says:

Fantastic… the ultimate watch – black dial with rose gold!!

Donald Evans says:

I have the AP in rose gold white dail I love it

Abu M says:

Indeed very nice

Paul says:

Great video. Now I want one.

Irfaan says:

What song is this ??

Neill Waring says:

If you’re going gold then this is a great look. The rose softens the look. The classic Royal Oak look adds interest and the black dial class
Great choice Eric!

8rick1ane says:

i always liked the AP 15300 nice and discreet.

Guanjie He says:

26331 chocolate that im wearing now.

Howard Leung says:

Black dial with gold strap is perfect, but felt like the new blue dial variation looks better on leather strap.

Wikileakss Wikileakss says:

wrote about the collection, and showed himself. The collection is interesting, but you are not.

Luciole Dizerot says:

I’d rather have a Lange One for that price, but nice piece!

G1234 X says:

Love your review videos; love how more than specs, for which there are other videos, you go over the practical day to day look and feel. Keep it up!

Adam says:

Beautiful watch

KCJbomberFTW says:

Love my new Blancpain Aqua Lung Grande Date rose gold it fits the same set of categories but for a little lower market I feel. Plus it feels bomb knowing Putin wears the steel version

Bart Meep says:

Eric, I enjoyed this video much. You have much passion for this watch. I’d like to see you wearing your Kermit while driving nice vehicles. I’d also love to see a steel submariner video with different outfits, as I feel the sub is the most versatile watch in existence. It might be too common for Miami, but most ppl don’t don’t wear watches.. therefore, the sub is perfect and affordable for what it is.

Chris says:

I’d be afraid to get mugged wearing a gold watch like that. Hope you carry a piece on you just in case.

Jo says:

Dear Santa,

Last time I wrote to you I was five years old and I remember exactly what I asked for, it was a G.I. Joe doll thank you for making that one of the best Christmas ever. I’m 50 years old now but I still believe in you, so what I’m about to ask may seem impossible to my friends and family including my wife but I believe that if anyone can get this done it would be you. I’m wondering if you know anyone at Rolex….. you see there this Ceramic Black Submariner Date Window Watch that I have been trying to get but no dealers in the Tampa Florida area has one. I know you are very busy this time of year and yes take care of all the kids first I will patiently wait.Thank you & Merry Christmas!



Victor_ ngng says:

Best $40,000 watch

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