My Top 3 Travel Watches: Audemars Piguet Offshore Diver, Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300, G Shock

*What three watches would you take?! Included in this video:
G Shock GA100CM
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (Diver) 15703st – I series
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 (Dark Rhodium)

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Shot on an a Canon Powershot G7X


Dirk Digger says:

Awesome collection, I am hoping to get a new piece soon

Rashaad Suhaib says:

i would take the g shock

Károly Fiala says:

I would take three Rolex OP, so perfect they are.

MOHAMMAD Zayed says:

I have the red g-shock..
I love it..

The Marquis says:

Hey Emkwan, new sub, enjoying ur vids. Came to you bc I’ve been looking for reviews of the AP Diver. Your earlier review sold me on the watch 🙂 however, I saw here that you say it lacks a “forever” aspect. Could you please elaborate? Is it in terms of build quality, aesthetics, value retention or something else? Thanks…and peace & blessings to you as well.

GreenGiant853 says:

how much was the ap?

4enginerule says:

Bananas in the background??!! WTF?!

Brian Mukorombindo says:

frst tym into YouTube and come across yo vlogs hiiiii man #I luv them

CG AWC Channel says:

Nice travel trio. What I take depends on where I’m going, typically I take 4-5 with me. Right now I have my three Squale, the marathon, and a Seiko with me on Christmas holiday.

Paul R says:

Why would you not take a dive watch near water? That’s what they are built for. I take my Rolex Sub in the sea all the time. It’s fine and still looks new. It’s why I bought a dive watch! Live not in fear, my friend.

Mohammad Abu Hasan says:

Hi I want to ask how much is the rolex for coz in dubai you can get around 18500 with the discount thanks

Mike S says:

Hi mate, I had the Diver for a very short time but have no issues taking it in the water/shower. I even shower with my AP RO regularly. I agree that APs are generally more delicate but the RO/ROOs are easily submersible as long as the crowns are screwed on tight.

They have very good sealing, lots of rubber gaskets and as long as you get yours pressure checked every year, you are fine.

Only point to note, if you go into chlorinated (pool) water, make sure you rinse off fully; same if you head into the sea. Hold ’em under a stream of cool clean water to get all that salt/chlorine off. These do wear out the seals over time, but I’ve personally not had a failure.

Ram Francisuk says:

Do these expensive timepieces hold their value. Can you eventually sell them for more than you paid? Just wondering

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