Luxury Sports Watch Collection Review: Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai

Christian and Rolly review the luxury sports watch collection of a T&H fan.
Rolex Two-Tone Datejust (Diamond).
Panerai Luminor
Rolex Submariner Two-Tone Blue
Rolex Submariner “Hulk”
Rolex Stainless Steel Daytona
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore All Black
Rolex Everose Skydweller
Rolex GMT

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In this week’s episode of Liquor Run, Christian and Rolly dive into the collection of a watch geek and T&H fan with an impressive collection of predominantly precious metal Rolexes and Audemars Piguets.

In order, the watches are these: A Rolex Two-Tone quickset Datejust with a diamond dial, a Panerai PAM321, a two-tone blue Submariner, a Hulk Submariner, a steel Daytona with a white dial, an AP Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph in all black, a rose gold Sky Dweller on a strap, and a solid gold Rolex GMT Master II.

When it comes to suggestions, Rolly thinks the best move would be to add/swap in a platinum or white gold Daytona to add a bit of the precious metal heft and flash that is seen in the rest of the collection, while Christian considers potentially adding a precious metal Royal Oak as a means to add a bit to the AP presence in the collection without adding another Offshore.


Chris says:

Very nice choice with the Jefferson’s Ocean.  Great whiskey

Pedro Saenz says:

Diamond Datejust and two tone Sub are worst value keepers. Solid Gold GMT is something difficult to wear… not a fan of this colection.

brackpersian says:

I was wondering who’s “Dan”, turned out to be “Dad” lol. He’s young af!

Underdog says:

Why the fuck are you asking these guys for advice the father has the gayest camp small Cartier on that would make Liberace look threatening and the son wears crusty old watches that look like they were stolen from olde people with dementia. Plenty of iconic watches in the collection , a great collection, ignore the envious twats calling it tasteless, every watch is killer, steer clear of precious metal unless you have more money than sense, think ‘substance’ stick to the iconic. Kudos, great collection. Enjoy it.

Steffen Sottung says:

Hey Christian… Love your vids.. I’m a big Fan!… BUT… please no piano music during the reviews.. To me it’s a little disturbing… Thx

Daniel Katz says:

Christian, Off topic, not promoting , but moved by this song

golfbuddy1969 says:

You have my permission to confiscate my man card, if you ever see me wearing a diamond set watch.

Rory C Keel says:

Great Episode!

Francisco Salazar Jr says:

This guy has FU money

omnia resipsaloquitor says:

attention watch fisters: before the age of quartz,,,,,you had to pay serious money for accuracy and reliability-longevity in a mechanical watch…..the moonwatch,,,,,,,since china has turned the watch world upside down, that is no longer the case. you are happy to suck peanuts out of tim cook’s asshole and are grateful to be ripped off for made in china apple crapple,,,,,,but sneer at made in china invicta pro divers that work just fine for a loss leader price.,,,,,and i still have my subdate, gmt pepsi big dot and ssdatejust from the early 80’s,,,,,in mint condition,,,,but not serviced in 25 plues years….rolex 5th avenue in october of 88 specified in writing,, the accuracy of my pieces as plus minus 3 sec per day…..get a cheap meter on ebay and time your pieces.

Liam Donaldson says:

I would not own a single watch in this collection. Not my cup of tea

mrg1911 says:

To be completely phrank and honest wiph you…..I find owning too many watches dilutes the entire collection phor me. I’m at 7 nice watches currently and need that number to be 3…..WAY less to think about.
2 is perfect, 3’s a charm….

Venus Dee says:

If you are the founder of T&H, does that make Rollie the founder of the founder of T&H? Hmmm

Mercedes mad says:

Love the relationship you have with your father..wish I had that with mine when he was alive, luckily I’m very close with my little boy.
Inspiring to watch..if you pardon the pun.

steven uk1 says:

I don’t like Cartier, but that Cartier does look good on your dad.

Rick Evans says:

Try Ardbeg 10 year old Scotch. Heavy peat with a camp fire after taste while wearing Universal Geneva. Gr8 combo. Keep up the great Work T&H.

K says:

What’s the name of the background music?

Jaybee Eff says:

Michael Jackson is dead. 🙁

fully mechanical says:

You’re funkin’ your jumper

green smoke 420 says:

did you say “ayos” or “adios”?

Adam Robert Rassi says:


Soham Parab says:

More of these

Chris b says:

Love your show. Enjoyed the review. I enjoy watches but I’m definitely more of a bourbon geek at heart.  You’ve got Ocean Voyage 15 there which has a unique characteristic of having a wheated mash bill. The Ocean Voyages are all different due to the nature of the aging, but this mash bill has not previously been done for Jefferson’s. All bourbons have a legal requirement to have so much corn as the primary ingredient for fermentation, but the other grains used are often rye and barely. Wheat often gives a sweater characteristic, but traditionally has not been commonly done. Famous wheated bourbons include the Maker’s Mark Line, Old Fitzgerald, Weller, and the highly sought after Van Winkle line of bourbons. Love the wine discussion you guys have on these shows. Would love to see you guys try more whiskies.

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