LeBron James AP – Limited Edition Audemars Piguet Luxury Watch Review

The LeBron James AP, limited to 600 pieces, is a luxury watch that took a while to grow on me.

At first, the special edition Audemars Piguet Offshore that was created in 2013 in collaboration with the NBA basketball star and ex-player in our very own Miami Heat, was a model that I said I just didn’t like and voiced my opinion in that regard. But remember that styles change, as did mine!

The watch is a 44-millimeter Offshore model with a Calibre 3126 movement, which is the same one that all the Audemars 44 mm chronos are equiped with. When you look at the LeBron James AP, right off the back your eyes are drawn to the diamonds on one of the pushers. That is actually one of my favorite features of the watch!

I also love the rubber strap on this model. In fact, it’s one of my favorite rubber straps when it comes to watches (probably second only to the rubber strap on Richard Mille pieces).

The dial of the LeBron AP is silver slate with rose gold accents, which is a great combination in my book. I also like the fact that they didn’t make this an obvious basketball themed sports watch, but then again, AP is known for only including subtle cues when it comes to their sports-themed watches.

With a combination of rose gold, titanium, and rubber, the Audemars Piguet LeBron James limited edition seems to offer a bit of everything. The watch retails for $51,500, but if you’re trying to buy one nowadays, you’ll probably be spending close to $75,000.

Overall, the LeBron James AP is a solid contender in the Watch Game!

What do you think of this piece? Let me know in the comments.

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SoCal Entourage says:

You’re so lucky that you work very close to one of my favorite restaurants Habana 1957!! I live in Southern California by the way, only stumbled upon that restaurant during a business trip.

Ahmed Helmi says:

My favorite 44mm off shore hands down. I wish I pulled the trigger before.

MIAthe305 says:

600 probably comes from his jersey number ‘6’
And 60 would be too limited, 6000 is wayyy too many pieces, 600 seems perfect.

Shaf Serious says:

Bro that watch is too big!!!! Leave it for a fat jumbo jet man to wear!!

Stephen Rudberg says:

It’s a nice watch, but too big for my taste. Also the price. For me the sweet spot is 40mm. Love the rubber strap. As usual, great review.

Alejandro B says:

I’m a simple man, I hear “as far as the watch game goes,” I click like

Trader Excellence says:

Great video! But that strap is ugly AF

Alex Strekalovski says:

Great again bro

only1 says:

Always dreamed of an AP Michael Jordan

Sal says:

Awesome vid! Would love to see more like this!

Rajazraj1992 says:

Is it me or the top pusher is diamond set ?

Brett Patton says:

It’s too big on you

Buwsur says:

All the dislikes are from salty Cavaliers fans.

Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore says:

What do you think about quartz watches are there any high-end quartz watches out there I love you Channel but only your Channel

Rex Lin says:

I bought my LBJ six months ago in Taipei, Taiwan for roughly 65k USD. It’s my holy grail. Love it. It bats clean up position in my rotation of 9 watches.

Forever 9 says:

Shoutouts to the cameraman for the sick angles! Great video 🙂

Andi Calin says:

AP Schumacher or Le Bron ? For me…Schumacher all the way

Junito Punto Comm says:

Lebron…Best in Basketball…and The Best in Watches !!

mena seven says:

The Lebron James AP is a beautiful watch, I like the dial and the diamond pusher button.

Phunlop Varavut says:

waiting to see ur next video

Ivanov Estrada says:

hermano has videos en espanol! y veras que de un dia para otro aumentaras tus subs!! cool video!!

Alexey Wool says:

Ok Eric, now that we on the Sponsor Subject, you have to do the AP Leo Messi Edition.
We’ll be waiting.

David Stettenbauer says:

Cool, but too big and expensive.

David Levin says:

Terraific video! I think this it’s a cool watch, but the price point kills the deal for me. If I really couldn’t live without it, I would wait to see if one showed up on the used market. Or I would simply look at some other brands that hold value. And we all know what those would be.

porscheoscar says:

dont like the strap. they should have used kevlar or carbon fiber weave with rose gold cabling. plain rubbber looks like they just phoned it home for arguably the GOAT baller. That dial is a bit rudimentary too. p.s. Richard Mille made the more technical elements like on the Montoya for AP. And it showed.

New Wave says:

you’re my favorite watch reviewer by far.

Braden McGuire says:

Its not a good looking watch imo

Tweakin_ Panda says:

Not worth the money to me. Got a ton of watches id rather buy for that price range. Hey man btw S in audemarS is silent. Just sayin

Frank V says:

It looks big on you but perfect for me

luis luis says:

Lol you look like you are looking out for a tow truck

Atul Gandhi says:

pictures of the watches you compare the watch you are reviewing in your upcoming videos ?

SpaghettiKillah says:

We should all take a bow to the AP marketing team in convincing people a 51k $ watch deserves nothing less than a rubber strap LOL
soon they’ll sell 50k watches with glass made of plexiglass and rubber strap but since it’s a special edition of a VIP they’ll swallow it hahaha

iLLGT2 says:

I remember going to the Lebron AP event in miami in the garage, was awesome!

Ray says:

Thought you didnt like two tone ?? Titanium and rose gold. I am a AP guy but this one is just hiddious.. (just my opinion)

Fredrik K says:

Thanks Eric! I like the watch even more now 🙂

BeerManSF says:

Yo Eric , you hardly miss on your videos but this Labozo watch looks like a Invicta from a quarter machine. The beauty of a Daytona Newman , Steve McQueen Monaco, James Bond Rolex by Sean Connery and the Speedmaster man on the moon is that they were used as tools or the people using them didn’t give a fuck about wearing them. Lebron got paid for this crappy rubbery watch.

lobserve1 says:

Nice review but that is an ugly watch.

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