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In recent videos, we’ve explored some of the most amazing complications watchmaking has to offer, the most intricate and complex pieces of handmade micro engineering ever seen. This Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet, however, is not one of those watches. It doesn’t have a tourbillon, a calendar or a minute repeater. It doesn’t even have a date window. What it does have, however, is a movement that showcases one of the most impressive feats of watchmaking ever achieved.

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Miguel Padilla says:

Amazing video!

paul austin says:

Just for pure “snobbery” then.

Stanley Johnson says:


ajt222 says:

Pfft , ugly, we want Rolex . Bet you do too.

Ian Woollard says:

It’s an impressive skill to produce these types of watches. I don’t mind skeletonised watches but I would be more inclined to prefer a display case back. Can you do a video on Omega’s Planet Ocean 8900 and discus the technology involved in the reduction of magnetism? The new in-house testing by Omega looks interesting too,how effective are these new standards.

P K says:

Best watch channel on YT hands down.

kensyre says:


Station Plaza says:

There are seemingly countless styles of watches out there these days…Thanks to modern production methods as mentioned in this video, a greater customer base can appreciate what is going on.
In the end of course, it’s all down to that price tag (for most of us)….And yet, to see a traditionally crafted masterpiece like this …It’s truly a wonder, what can be achieved by human hand.

MrTherealgus says:

breitling emergency 1 and 2 comparison??

Max Archer says:

I hate to say it, but the proliferation of skeleton fashion watches a few years back has really killed them for me. I just can’t help but look at this AP and see a Kenneth Cole on a department store clearance rack. Even with a high-end brand like this, the impression is also tainted by openwork’s popularity with athletes and other people who only view watches as a means of flaunting wealth. (That also kind of extends to Royal Oaks in general, though I’m starting to soften toward them lately.)

Besides, they’re a nightmare to read and a well-finished dial is such a centerpiece of a nice watch that it feels like a shame to lose it. I think this kind of thing is best saved for tradeshow and boutique displays.

BelgianNeodymium says:

Can you please make a video about the function of some of the individual parts that are key in any mechanical watch? Like the balance, pallet, escape wheel etc.
Love your videos!

Russxiang says:

Awesome video. Well presented

Kubilay Demir says:

Nice craftsmanship, but no skeleton impresses me after seeing the movement of A. Lange & Söhne Triple Split Chronograph.

jimmunsw says:

I think P.P. micro finishing is better than AP n VC (for this type of watch)…

Ariel Avi says:

I wish you guys knew how happy I get when you guys have a new video out! Love this channel!!

Akuma MusageteS says:

When it comes to watch making, nothing can be a tired old tradition, the level of craftsmanship that goes into doing all that by hand gives the watch in a way, a soul, every watch is unique, one of a kind, and that my friends is the point, you’re not just buying an accessory , you’re purchasing a companion that’ll be with you for all your life

Stanley Johnson says:

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of skeleton dials. I think for 95% of watches out there it looks tacky. But this AP is beautiful. I would still much rather own a plain dial AP, but I can see why someone would buy this.

Stoian Kirezov says:

It’s unfair to judge AP on the basis of a demographic of thier clientele and the fact that the Royal Oak is their core module. No one takes notice of thier other offerings. And people don’t complain about Rolex not changing the style of thier key models so why should it not be the same for AP. Open work and skeleton watches aren’t for me but they are a great way to show case mechanic watches to the rest of the world, so it gets my vote. Please do a Patek Philippe Calatrava ref: 6006G-001. Thanks for the great content.

Jimmy split 77 says:

Oh man! You really do your homework. I was at an AP event a few months ago and the watch maker explained how much time goes into the hand filing and polishing also that a large amount of the cost is because of this.
Also found out that AP makes some of the movement for RM!

boboseb says:

While I do like the idea of a skeleton dial and seeing the beauty of a movement, they’re not aesthetically pleasing to me as I find them too “busy”. Still a beautiful watch tho

camoh455 says:

One of the best watches out

bengali Miah says:

only a 15400 will do for me, still a great piece though.

jay vee says:

I love your Videos! Can you do one about the Junghans Meister or Junghans Max Bill?

Philip Kvist says:

0:43 how can there be scratches on a wrist watch costing as much as a new car? Replica?

Andrew Parker says:

Amazing video! Just like all of your others. Thanks for your effort in putting these together!

pr0jectSkyneT says:

Please review the AP Millenary 4101

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