Introducing CODE 11.59 By Audemars Piguet

Meet CODE 11.59 by Audemars Piguet, an entirely new family of watches from the Le Brassus manufacture. This isn’t just the introduction of an evolution on previous models or even of a genuine novelty or two – no, it’s the addition of a whole new collection to AP’s line-up that will sit alongside the Royal Oak, Offshore, and Millenary collections (and others) for years to come. CODE 11.59 has been in the works for more than half a decade at this point, between movement R&D, case and dial design, and strategic decision-making, and represents a big step in terms of how Audemars Piguet sees its own future and the future of its customers.
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Sungyun Chon says:


Mad Man says:

The worst name you could find and a lack of any AP-DNA 🙁

sebseb seb says:

The way I see it, they wanted to make another revolution, like the one the Royal Oak was and from the initial reactions I believe they did it. Will it be succesful it remains to be seen, but after all this time they have the shock factor once again. Good on them. I like their new design, it’s very modern, to say it looks like DW or Vincero is retarded, those try to mimic bauhaus design, this industrial design at it’s finest, like the Royal Oak once was.

Jason Tan says:

I recently purchased an AP 44mm self winding ROO Chrono in full ceramic. Was absolutely thrilled to have it. Whenever I wore it, I had a great appreciation just by looking at it. The piece was truly a work of art on the wrist. However the launch of this code 11.59 has been a disappointment to say the least. For starters it’s absolutely straight garbage in my opinion for its value. Secondly the font on the dials look like it was designed from child’s play. I can’t reiterate enough how it looks like a kickstarter kind of generic vibes it portrays despite it being made out of exquisite materials. Honestly the movement deserves a more fitting innovation on the front. Most alarming would be their target market of so called in between the Royal Oak who supposedly are only for 20-30 year olds that can splurge €30k on a watch in other words. And also the arrogance of their CEO who dictates himself towards unbiased watch enthusiasts opinion on this new launch. Bravo you might’ve just lead the beginning towards the downfall of AP.

mohammad amin says:

Please Audemars Piguet Stop this Design. It`s a Disaster . You are Haute Horology for Gods sake .

M1keILL says:

The only way I’m wearing this is if AP pays me to wear this

111ImNumber1 says:

Now AP is copying Daniel Wellington. Things have changed!

Sam Bab- SVD says:

I mean at first glance it looks exactly like a Daniele Wellington, MVMT, and Vincero (or whatever they are called) this should not happen, to the brand with such a strong brand identity. Yes, sure the movement and finishing is extremely exquisite and well put together, but everyone is gonna make sure to check twice if it’s a 100 eur or 25 000 euro watch. And that simply mustn’t be the case.

Hatehaters494 says:

Looks like a fashion watch. So disappointed.

Tokyo997 says:

I wonder if Daniel Wellington will employ him after he loses his job….poor guy, it’s an impossible task to better the Royal Oak, at least he tried. I’m sure he’s not working for the money – must have plenty of cash and will enjoy his retirement.

Jason Levine says:

5:02 dude wearing Beats, now we know where this line went wrong.

Daniel Pati says:

Looks like Vincero

sam says:

Will be a super flop looks like Armani

thehermanli says:

customer: i would like to purchase one of the new royal oak chronographs.
ad: of course but you will have to first purchase two of the 1159’s and post it on your social media.
customer: …


They look like shit..

Oscar Svensson says:

There is seriously lacking of appreciation for the Bauhaus school of design in the comments.

lisa attan says:

Its like they are able to prepare premium ingredients but have no idea how to cook it.. what a messed up dish

T shapedSpaceL says:

Looks like something 2 broke college kids would design tbh

liam Duvall says:

Lets just say if I owned this watch I would make it a Reverso

James Jen says:

So ugly. A Royal Joke

Waihang Chan says:

Take a look at the Royal Oak , take a look at this.
It hurts my eyes, AND MY HEART.

Diego Schiavi says:

These watches have nothing to envy to Emporio Armani’s watches!

chaiwa says:

Boring dial , at nomos level..

jee thuu says:

While we’re living in 2019 AP makers are living in 1960 AD

M. S. says:

Voucher: DISCODE75%. Valid until 2072.

Skylake -E says:

The numbers on the small sub-dials are literally Black Ops 2 font

Trg says:

Total fail

Nacho Cheese says:

I’m new to such expensive watches, everyone is bashing the dial design. Can someone explain why the dial is getting this much hate? I’m a newbie so please don’t get offended by the question.

Ed Tedeschi says:

Surely AP have some back catalogue watches they can take some design cues from?

Sophat Ngim says:

@3:21 Looks like a watch I see from Google Ads. There’s no sense of identity. I’m sure the movement is great but the design looks somehow ‘cheap’ and almost generic.

John Nunns says:

Sets out to prove they are more than just the Royal Oak. Proceeds to prove the opposite…

VaggnerVanLange says:

Jesus Chris hideous , please stick with royal oaks ….

xyphon123 says:

He dont even wanna wear it himself 😀

C Zhang says:

I don’t this guy will see his 26th year with AP.

Magister Ludi says:

Looks like fucking Armani watch lmao.

Юрий Давыдов says:

I think AP made a big mistake with this model…

Punch Sounds says:

You create a truly impressive movement and shove that dial on top of it why???

killamist666 says:

I heard that Daniel Wellington is suing AP for copyright infringement.

Bobby G says:

Looks like China Watches for Michael Kors, Vincero and Daniel Wellington ….

Mehran Ahmed says:

Chinese Made Cheap Automatic Watch!

pkk9318 says:

Hell yah this is going to open a new chapter in APs history……Chapter 11

Jayson J says:

My Fossil looks 10x better than these shockers!

boutchmanz says:

AP has made Daniel Wellington very happy…finally someone is copying THEIR designs!

Oscar Svensson says:

The chronograph is quite similar to the Sinn 6000 Frankfurt Financial District Watch. And that’s a good thing.

Jean-Marc C. Anderegg says:

For sure it is a design that nobody has done before and nobody will ever do in the future….. Is it a joke?

Kolaj Nikoll says:

Why so much hate? First of all, most of you have never seen or tried these watches in real life – relax. Secondly, the wheel can`t be invented so what did you expect? Flying watches? Furthermore AP raised the bar so high because of the Royal Oak and therefore the expectation can never be met by a new collection. Start looking at it without comparing it to other watches or brands – then you will see the beauty. At least they have the bxxxs to try something new compared to others who changed the color of the bezel and you call it “mindblowing”.

valebliz says:

Hodinkee presenting commercials as usual. You guys just don’t give a fuck anymore, do you?

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