How a Swiss watch is made Audemars Piguet HD

A clip showing how a Swiss watch is made & assembled from beginning to end. The video is in HD and shows an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak being made.

Soundtrack: The current soundtrack is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Finale but the comments about the noise below come from the fact that the original audio was quite badly distorted during encoding so I had to replace it a couple of months ago to save everyone’s hearing 🙂


Jtjk Khky says:

so cool

pgreenx says:

At 6:28+. I wonder what that liquid and temp gun is used for?

Lance Anderson says:

Watch expert here who wants to start a petty pointless watch argument?

Taras Demydenko says:

really great page on facebook
enjoy it=)

Sergio Zayasbazan says:

thats a very tiny screw man!

Dmeister406 says:

4:55 – Could they not afford some newer finger gloves?!

YUNGW says:

I have a swiss made cestina old watch from my grandpa he got it 40 ish years ago

bobbybrainstorm says:

What is that in the beginning, looks like just tea or black string

Ifaz Tauhid says:

Too much focusing.

Bla Blupp says:

they touch the parts with bare fingers…then i prefer the chinese version of it with forged carbon at 670 usd.

David d says:

All what u need is wearing one of those watch and listen to this opera music and drinking wine..

Tim Chu says:

Forgive my ignorance, but what’s the purpose of cutting up the carbon fiber into little pieces at the beginning? Doesn’t that completely undermine the strength of the fibers? I’m going on the assumption that CF is strong when it’s a whole fiber/thread or woven sheet – not when it’s chopped into little pieces and pressed together. Aesthetically speaking, the case they ended up with just looks like a block of plastic and doesn’t seem to have the pretty characteristic patterning we see on, for example, watch dials made of layered CF sheets. I don’t get it. It seems like they got rid of all the benefits of CF. Please enlighten this idiot 🙂

DeAd says:

such a waste, covering that beautiful movement

thanhaq98 says:

all the processes are hand-made ?

Samuel You says:

What was the music in the background

Ranger629 says:

The real question is; are these watchmakers given a watch from their company. It’s an insanely tough job and if they aren’t getting any watch as a token of appreciation. I feel that it’s hella unfair to these amazing craftsman, even though they probably can do 1 themselves outside.

Harry Clams says:

I noticed some of the worker weren’t wearing finger cots.

Harry Clams says:

What type of metal are the dials made of ?, are the indicators glued on or pin-pushed ?

Steliano Al-Rashad says:

Those baby condoms are essentially on the fingers to keep the heart of the watch & exterior pure or the “virginity” intact if you like …

Robert Meber says:

Nein keine Uhren, sondern Zeitinstrumente.

Luke Zyse says:


JazTime says:

Great video to show when people are wondering why those watches are so expensive. It shows the dedication to detail in every step, from planing to the last polish.

Jethro T says:

Beautiful watch but still kind of overpriced

Mertz says:

I thought Le Brassus is in Switzerland (would be only logically due to the “Le” [masculin article in french] ) or at least the french part of Switzerland. Why is german music playing and german singers singing there ?

And quick question for my future:
Do they have some sort of school for watchmakers? And is it in english, german or french?

German would be awesome (cause I live in Germany) and french would be ok, but still hard tho. I learn french in school (just to become a watchmaker someday) but it’s hard af.

VoRTeXPB says:

true masterpieces

Nurzhan says:


Rick Watson says:

what an art

belze3000 says:

why such a beautiful machinery doesn’t have a windowed cover for the back?!….sad!

adcinco 7 says:

To justity the space prices nor a Nasa laboratory…

gambart2002 says:

wow that’s amazing

Praque Forqsk says:

Are all of the bits imported from China?

Praque Forqsk says:

I bet she has done this before!

Mark Cho says:

just imagining myself trying to pick up those tiny screws triggered my ocd

Vidal Ardila says:


Rick Watson says:

so much room for error

mermaid meaw says:

i would want to waste my money on apple watch or android watch instead of this.

Yahya Yildirim says:

Benim de böyle bir saatim olmasını isterim ama oldukça çok pahalı saatler

Harry Charalambous says:

And thats why Replicas will always just be REPS

cpchar says:

whats the music please

Lone Puma says:

The Audemars Piguet and the word Exquisite is defining extraordinary craftsmanship!

Mahmood Alani says:


///ALEX C says:

was that carbon fiber? 0.0

psurviver says:

like no one other makes a watch before pffff!

Wasim Pervez says:

i cant afford even cheapest swiss watch, but i have so much respect for the swiss watch makers, for thier legacy, crafsmanship over the centuries….

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