History of Audemars Piguet: The Most Innovative Watch Brand Ever? | The Classroom S02: Episode 1

Season 2 is back, baby! You wanted more, so we’re giving you more of EVERYTHING; more information, more hosts, more episodes, and more fun. And who else better to start out the season than “The Watch Guy” himself – CQ.

We’re starting the new season by giving an in-depth history of Audemars Piguet. How did this power house come to be? Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet were two master watchmakers, but could either of them envision what their company would become? The brand has had a lot of “firsts”; the first minute repeater wristwatch, the first skeleton dial, the world’s thinnest watch, the first jumping hour. They also bring that innovation in forms of products like the Royal Oak (and later the Royal Oak Offshore) and the equation of time complication. Audemars Piguet have always been innovators, so buckle in and learn just how exactly they got there.

What is equation of time? What is a skeleton watch? Which was the first? What is the Royal Oak, exactly? Find out all this and much more!

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Eric Gorter says:

nice to see season 2. i really like the concept. on this particular episode i would have liked to see the differences between the offshore and royal oak a little bit more. other then that great episode

edu danel says:

My 15400 is the one I will never sell, I’m so in love with it

Zander Brown says:

I really love the RO but I deeply feel that the offshore line is a detriment to the Royal Oak.

James Lynch says:

What about the AP Quantieme Perpetual?!

UXXV says:

3:02 cant read the full text as it goes white over white at the end (Chromecast to TV) – awesome video though guys! Cant wait for the rest!

JD Michael says:

One of my favorite brands.

F Poynton says:

As good as it gets CQ – truly interesting history of a great brand that makes masterpieces of horology and artistic design. Wish I was young enough to save up for one –

Zach Blass says:

Gerald Genta made AP in the modern era. Although he never approved of the offshore, none of it would be possible without him.

Robert Dickson says:

Never been the biggest AP fan, but I’m really starting to dig the Royal Oak. Especially in 39mm

Micah Strader says:

AP is my favorite brand, great summary of their history. Can’t wait until they launch their new classical line! Looking forward to seeing them back in to ultra slim watches.

Maybe then we can finally stop hearing from the Rolex fanboys who say AP on makes one watch. Where would Rolex be without the Oyster case?

todd - says:

They make one watch and make it every way possible, in every color. How is that innovative?

EJ Trinidad says:

I love AP as a brand. Sure, it may be focusing something like 90% of effort on the RO and ROO and is therefore “not innovative” but it’s tough to balance being a business and staying solvent with staying true to its roots and the art of watchmaking.

Ideally, yes, the scale should be in the middle. Right now it’s leaning more towards the former, but I think we’re gonna see it move towards the middle especially as the brand adjusts its marketing strategy moving forward (e.g. closing up ADs, discontinuing models to make way for new ones etc).

[their main recurring issue, if that, is related to servicing]

Matt Mulford says:

Thanks CQ, found out a couple of AP facts I was previously unaware of. Ironically had my 15400 gray dial on the wrist at the same time!

Langmaack. says:

love it

Halebopp says:

Not an AP fan, but this was very interesting. Learned a lot, thanks.

genkifd says:

IMO pitty they are seen to be one watch company

Jonathane Lewis says:

Very well done. I learned a lot.” Not everyday is a true 24 hrs”!

Alexander Grant says:

It’s a shame the AP of today are a one watch company

Steve Bowden says:

This video is certified Awesomesauce.

Traci Ch says:

Oh! and one more thing about AP’s, they out of most peoples reach. Rich man toys

ryvr madduck says:

I have moved up the watch levels, have two Rolexez and the next will be an AP Offshore of some type.

hommewang says:

nice presentation. Just hurt my ears when you kept calling “Audemar(s)
Piguet” with a pronounced S

ocm506 says:

They have a great one trick pony, but damn does that pony have some ugly ass tricks

george varughese says:

The AP 15400 ST perhaps the best watch ever made? Love the show. Great job CQ!

Ronak Pol says:

Change the music..

heyyomane says:

What a great kick-off to the new season, amazing job CQ and the gang! I was not aware of that equation of time watch, crazy stuff.

jes8414 says:

I’m not a big fan of AP but this was very interesting. I wish their non Royal Oak stuff got more attention

Tito R says:

Good work cq

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