Haute Collector: Interview with Kevin Hart Part II

In part two, Kevin Hart takes us through his watch collection, including pieces from Rolex, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet and more.


Mike Hunt says:

haters. Nigger with a Rolex fucks white folk off.

Alex imd says:

Tell me about culture

Udai Hussein says:

this is because kevin wants to be a famous bling bling rapper but is a comedian , or because he is black ( is why he has this hobby) lmao

Tobi F says:

Hieh ;-)…

leon scott says:

if I was rich I’d think I was a food critic and a car expert. relax guys let the guy be passionate. Passion and expertise are not the same thing. Hes an entertainment genius, everything else is just a hobbie

frieswithmayo says:

why don’t you buy a rare 1930s Tissot, Omega or Patek chronograph, that would be very original and they’re great watches. they will not be flashy tho. or how about a rare 1950s breguet type XX ?

Dillan Emmanuel says:

1:27 my manz about to put that girl in a headlock lol

frieswithmayo says:

show off bling, nothing more…go buy something with history man

JiRahb likestheinternet says:

fake. thats not kev

Todd m says:

he’s not a real watch collector that knows anything otherwise he would have an auto watch spinner safe thats around 300 grand, not a cigar box.

Vanbo Bbq says:

He collects like its a tax write off! LOL

Stee Stoe says:

I find it funny that when someone’s taste doesn’t match up with you “real experts”, you automatically dismiss them as ignorant to timepieces. You make our watch culture look snobby when it usually isn’t.

Christos philippos says:

Money talks,wealth whispers…… neauve money……with a lack of taste and aisthetics…..

Mada says:

im no connoisseur but…i would sell all Kevin’s watches to get a PP minute repeater 5029R.

Luke Mallory says:

I’d take a Seiko Alpinist and an education.

lsoreal says:

Not everyone is going to be an expert on timepieces. While Rolex is the go to watch for those who can afford a high end piece for the first time, it doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the best watch makers period. Most serious collectors have them, along with Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, IWC, etc.

Tom Smyth says:

typical black people wstches

Yu Wei says:

love that daytona rose gold

Carlos M. Ruiz says:

No personality in that collection.

Nick G says:

That ain’t shit compared to my Invicta collection

You are Offensive says:

guys, I started reviewing my collection. Check it out!

Curly Winston says:

Only the Patek Philippe watches worth to mention

petestowne says:

Great watches. However, this is a watch collector with loads of money and no real passion for watches. Am I jealous? A little bit. I’d like to have lots of money too. But If I had, I wouldn’t buy watches in bulk. I’d like some variation, not just the most expensive shit I can find and five of each.

TheBraveOne says:

Jay Leno owns 100+ watches…and Kevin Hart don’t know comedians who have love for watches.

frieswithmayo says:

there’s watches for people who have lots of money, and then there’s watches for people who feel the need to show they have lots of money…

Disinf3ctant says:

No A. Lange & Sohne? Vacheron? Roger Dubois? Not even a Jaeger. I think Kevin like gold in general, not watches per se.

Monika Huxley says:

wow.. so this is how men feel like, when women talk about clothes? I’m so sorry..

just Browsing says:

I know more about watches than that over rated little person does. wtf

Stefan Visotskiy says:

good watch good company

marcusezikel says:

Typical “The bigger the better bling bling”. Classy is not being excessive.

John Moore says:

Nice Rolex collection. But personally if i was going to only collect Rolexes, I would have a lot of vintages pieces from back in the day. The first movements are completely different from the modern ones, but also the vintage models have a little more character to the original design then the modern watches do. However…. To each there own.

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