Episode 36 – The History and Watches of Audemars Piguet

In this episode, Cameron and Matt look at what makes Audemars Piguet one of the most important watch manufacturers in history. From their early complicated pocket watches to the iconic Royal Oak and the extraordinary Grand Complication, AP has always pushed the limits of watchmaking and provided a lasting iconic style. Cameron has a unique perspective on AP, as he was employed there for several years before starting Weiss Watch Company.

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WIS says:

By far, the best watch videos on YouTube, period.

Adam Ramazanov says:

I just sold a Royal Oak Jumbo ref 5402BA(yellow gold) which is first ever Royal Oak, great watch.

Kevin Wiltshire says:

Is valley de Joux the naming reason behind the “Valjoux” movements?


Love the show but don’t get the love for those royal oaks. Just ugly!

XstonedmonkeyzX says:

Dont know if he has answered this before, but why does Matt wear his watch on his right hand??

Fredrik Rød Kjøde says:

I just bought a Fortis triple calendar watch like this one, but with english month/day:
Paid 300$, what do you think?

Seth Jaeger says:

Always interesting podcasts. Unfortunately there’s always cursing and I can’t share them with the younger people I know who also like watches.

John Doe says:

You should do a history and watches of Gerald Genta. Designer and had a watch company.

veins91 says:

My dream watch is a Royal Oak. Thanks for this episode!

Selten Fotog says:

“unless its a Rolex” This is total BS!! Only select Rolex models can make it past a 25% trade in loss. Most rolex takes 50% loss one year after purchase for a trade….just the way ANY OTHER WATCH does. BS alert

Elijs Dima says:

Btw, Cameron said that modern day movements have size limits that impact the power on the mainspring – not just thickness but also diameter of the movement. I’m thinking – in modern watches, (40+mm dials), in most scenarios the movements are still much smaller (hence you need to use plastic or metal spacer rings). Feels like that extra space could be expanded into & have a bigger barrel/mainspring.

focusboy says:

God I love this podcast. Keep em coming.

Corbett Williams says:

Great show!

Luca Salce says:

much better production!

Tremelo Forte says:

Thanks for your efforts guys; enjoying it.

Ambrosia Terrebonne says:

Please start a specific Instagram for this podcast

Coi Tajo says:

another great show, Matt & Cameron! Royal Oak > Nautilus
and you guys should do an entire show about Gerald Genta ✌️

Budget Productions says:

Kept the rolex explorer I see

MG2112 says:

Thanks for the apology on the video errors, Matt. Keep up the great work!

ryvr madduck says:

Did I miss something or did you guys not skip fifty years of AP history? What happened from the early twentieth century to the Royal Oak?

HardcoreMotors says:

I’ve watched a porn clip once and the dude had an AP on that I couldn’t find anywhere. Any chance of sending you a picture and having you clear things up for me? I might as well send you the whole clip for your effort, ha.

Alejandro B says:

Hell yeah! exactly what the doctor ordered

Elijs Dima says:

0:15:56 that is some WILD hair, on the left.

Ben Hodges says:

You have to try the Rolex rivet stretch bracelet if you want your arms hairs pulled out. And Seiko jubilee bracelets. So loose they can almost turn inside out.

John Doe says:

Bushy mustache: Edward Auguste Piguet


Are Weiss Watches considered American made ?

Jan Christian Frodahl says:

single origin blend from all over south america?

micky mcfarts says:

Shame this doesn’t get more views

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