Didun Design Automatic Watch – Review | Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Homage – $75

Here is where I bough the watch (fast shipping and good seller Aliexpress): http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bEEeaEQ

Here it the unboxing video: https://youtu.be/SFMiONGxjYo

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I bought this Didun Design watch about a month ago from Aliexpress about a month ago. In my unboxing video I was impressed and excited about the watch. However, I did have my reservations. For one Chinese watches have reputation for poor quality control. Also, I was tricked with the movement. Originally thinking it was a Miyota 8015 movement. Turns out the watch has a Seagull st6 movement.
After having this watch in my collection for almost a month I can tell you that I like it! It’s not a perfect watch and it has a lot of flaws. One of the biggest flaws is that fact that it’s a direct copy of the original – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.
For some people the direct copy of AP Royal Oak would be a deal breaker and I can understand why. For others that would be a strong positive. Overall not a bad watch especially for the price – only $75 USD.
Enjoy the review!


Henry Nguyen says:

Thanks for the much anticipated review, Oleg! Very thorough, and much appreciated. I, for one, would be very interested in the Peter Lee Nautilus homage. Thanks again!

George Alvarez says:

This is not my style of watch but the price makes it tempting to have. Watching you show the watch from all angles it looks solid which makes it an attractive piece to add to my collection. Have a great day Oleg & Bond!

federhaus says:

Unfortunately, the date window is killing the whole watch, because of the poore execution on the corners. The print on date disc looks crooked, not very refined and it seems, that it’s not even correct aligned in the center. But maybe someone is lucky and get’s a better example.

Ian JR says:

Hi Oleg,

Great review.

I bought the same watch. I was lucky I guess and don’t have the deficits on the watch face. However, my rotor from the movement became lose within 1 week. This was a simple fix as the case is easily unscrewed and the rotor could be screwed back on.

I have been happy with the time of the watch and don’t think it has been off by more than a minute or so after a week. I think you could easily regulate the movement and it could resolve the issue.

I have quite hairy wrists and don’t find it pulls on the hairs compared to my SKX jubilee bracelet.

I did the water test on the watch face to test for Sapphire glass and it seems to be legit.

I think the finish of the watch is very good for the money. However, I think as with most of these watches, it can be hit and miss with the quality.

All the best,

Almus Quotch says:

Personally I would have preferred if they had changed the design a little, like Tevise did with their sub homage.

SkysaxonDragonslayer says:

There is a tripple date – real moonphase version too of the Didun – did you thought about this watch before buying yours?

Larry Kippings says:


Jeffrey Wood says:

I have no idea how you find these watches. I do think that Didun has done an amazing job of copying AP…but, to be honest, I really don’t like the design of the Royal Oak. I think that it is remarkable that they can make this watch for $75 too bad they couldn’t do more QC and charge $100. It looks great on your wrist. Thank you sharing these watches and videos Oleg 🙂

Robert Clark says:

check out Reef Tiger watches

TheGoodwolfe says:

Hello to Oleg & Bond! Thanks for a great & thorough review! I actually like this homage quite a bit, despite being a little too similar to the AP. My biggest pet peeve is having only 30m WR, as I prefer at least 50 meters. Plus, the Sea-gull st-6 is actually a pretty decent mvt, and can be regulated to be very accurate. Btw, I’ve had Seiko 5’s off by 40 sec. as well. Finally, a decent finish & mvt, with a nice bracelet & sapphire crystal make it a good deal at that price point. Thanks!

Alex Hollins says:

The quartz version would be a better time keeper. Are you sure about the case back? I thought that the screws secured the back down.

Mister B says:

reminds me a lil of the Michael Herbelin Hommage of the AP. Not too big a fan of this sort of watches but its done very well.
The Seagull Movements are workhorses and reliable, I do have a Seagull Chrono in my collection and am stunned every time what you can get for that small amount of money.

Austin Burcham says:

Great review. Been on the fence about getting this one because of the size and the stigma with homage watches, but I think after watching this I am going to pass and use the $75 towards my next piece. Thanks!

Robert Clark says:

if you have small wrist you can replace the bracellet with leather straps,the do make them for that watch. I have the Didun watch with the rubber straps.

zygie01 says:

A review on this watch is a long time coming – I only have a written one on Reddit myself – so good job. Regulating this can be tricky, especially with how the beat error lever tends to move with the regulation lever. If you don’t have a timegrapher, an app, or even the tg program for PC, it’ll be a huge hassle. I regulated mine with tg, and had it average almost 0 sec/day worn and stored dial up in the box at night. However, it will still lose/gain a lot of seconds if it’s stationary in one position, as these cheap, low quality movements do tend to be very imprecise.

findtherror says:

Are you sure it is sapphire glass? On AliExpress it sometimes says hardlex and sometimes sapphire. You can test it by putting a small drop of water on the cleaned crystal, if it forms a compact drop its sapphire, if it forms a flat puddle its hardlex

Desislav Elkin says:

Hello guys, the movt is Seaghull ot meyota ?

Joop Plankman says:

Hallo Oleg, thanks for this review. I always love reviews of affordable watches and you do it wel. I think this watch is copied really good. The used materials and finishing are impressive. I just don’t get the poor performance of the Seagull movement. Original Seagull movements perform a lot better than + 40 seconds a day. I would not buy it, i’am not a fan of the original design annyway. Keep up the good work my friend!

Desislav Elkin says:

Before 1 week i buy for me one EDC watch diver from brand VIP time italy, yeah i know, but the watch is not cheap the model is VIp time italy magnum chronogrpah all titanium and i rly like et at that price range, maybe you like et to chek them, good class boxing and 999 pure titanium used in

jacc88888 says:

That is crazy! A blatant homage copy that just about gets away with it. Am actually tempted, remarkable for the price.

TheGoodwolfe says:

Oleg, you really should give regulating your watches a try, and trust me, if I can do it, anyone can!…lol..there are a bunch of videos on YT here, just type in “regulating a watch”, and see which ones you might find most helpful. Mainly just be careful not to get dust, dirt or hair, etc into movement while you have the case back off. Start with your $17 Tevise or something cheap that you won’t worry about. And remember, a little goes a long way, move the lever only slightly.

Rafael Montanez says:

Great review Oleg, I’ve recently ordered one but have not yet received it. I like the AP Royal Oak design but I’m not in love with it, so I’d much rather try this homage first and see if it grows on me before I ever pull the trigger on a 15K dollar original. If I don’t like it, I’m sure I can sell it on Ebay and recover most of my money back. Great review thanks again!

★ ilivill ★ says:

get a fucking real one they’re only 20-30k.

Dave Ho says:

“99% people don’t know AP and what it looks like …”

that’s very true

TikTalk says:

That dial looks little bit off. Is that straight?

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