Comparing the Rolex Submariner with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Two very fine Swiss watches side by side.

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Larry BoyJR says:

there is no point to compare two so different watches. Rolex Sub is one of the most iconic diving watch ever made, it is sold in hundred of thousend every year and it is probably the most well know luxury watch for eveyone. While Ap Royal Oak (expecially the 15202 reference Jumbo) is almost a dress watch with the look of a sport watch. It is much more delicate, for social posh events, for party and diner and a bit of show off to the people who know the value of the watch ( the cost is double of the Sub) One is a super reliable icon of Rolex to dive , to go to the gym, to wear everyday with no problem . The other is a legend from Gerald Genta . One is coming from the 50′ s and one from the 70’s. In the doubt I bought both but wear them in very different occasions.

Andrzej Strzelecki says:

Great watches – no worthless complications – just true simple watches with data… 
Cheaper to service, and much more reliable. Fantastic!

DLH says:

sub looks boring, AP much more refined.

s b says:

The Rolex is purely a sports luxury watch and the AP is a dressy luxury watch. Cant compare these two! A fair comparison would be the Rolex against AP offshore diver !

Richard Burns says:

Sub, no question.

Andrew N says:

How much does it cost to service the AP? 3000 euros?


Rolex is always shic but i love Audemars Royal Oak !
Reason : Design !

Gatsby Chee says:

AP for sure definitely!

Mahdi Altamimi says:

OMEGA is better than two of you it is worth to architects and divers who built the Solomon palaces before ancient years and also to astronaut who built galaxies and orphan sun’s later

jcoldboy says:

I am thinking of purchasing one of these watches for my son. He will be one year old but I want to purchase a luxury watch and hand it over to him on his 18th birthday. Which one of these watches would be best and why?
I’ve also heard that the AP is very expensive to service.

Looking forward to your feedback.

atl3630 says:

The AP operates on a completely different plane than Rolex. They are that much better. So this comparison isn’t even remotely fair.

Chris Fox says:

why don’t you sale your rolex to the watch club in london  uk your get a very good price for it ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

manduheavy vazquez says:

Unanimous decision …..winner audemars piguet. Is more exclusive and his watches are more expensive. Rolex is more commercial and the movies was more popular, but audemars o more watches how vacheron, mb&f, Hyt, Patek, jaeger, Jaquet droz and more are more exclusive because have patents. And Rolex hasn’t. Only Rolex takes this patents and uses in her watches. Everybody can buy one Rolex…..but not everybody can buy one audemars and more if are limited edition.

mac 269 says:

I have the green sub.

Jeff Rostek says:

Its interesting. I see most people saying AP hands down, not sure if you actually owned both the modern ceramic sub and 41mm RO. The rolex is shockingly good quality, so well put together, so solid, and actually pretty elegant in person. The AP was very hard to wear, forget the bracelet, the bigger concern was god forbid is you hi the bezel, off to Switzerland because you can’t let any shoemaker try to polish an AP Bezel, in many cases they are replaced when sold since it’s such meticulous hand work. Anyway, they are both great pieces, the AP is obviously less popular/more expensive and therefore more desirable but owning both I would say I enjoy my green sub ten times more than AP.

Shaf Serious says:

i got one… need to get the other!!

dimitris bastas says:

AP!15300ST is the best code after 15202.

hyonjun says:

AP looks so much nicer. Especially in person.

Miguel says:

somesnapperishe says:

AP is in another league. Cmon…

Aquanuat patek says:

for this rolex is more solid.

ProCelestialEmpire says:

Before seeing this side by side comparison, I never realized the sense of AP. After watching this video, especially when they both are on your wrist, I feel the hulk design is kind of outdated, or vulgar, but AP looks more like a piece of art design.

SJ says:

I own both a Rolex GMT (newer version) and Royal Oak Chronograph… both great watches, but truth be told the AP is by far the superior time piece.

m4mario says:

Criteria number 1: durability, reliability to tell time.

Winner : Rolex

No further criteria considered.

sfm officiel says:


thejackcocking says:

AP without a doubt.

NukeProofSuit says:

How can you try and compare a dive watch to a dress watch? It doesn’t make any sense

Mike Brown says:

Two very different watches……..price is different as well!

fmanuferro says:

Rolex Green Hulk is a beauty

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