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Amy Ulness says:

Where is your Cartier? That was my fave!! I thought you had another Rolex too. And an Hermès watch. Did you get rid of all those? The watch is beautiful.

Emilia Martinez says:

its starting to get so thick….BULLSH..

Slater Cummings says:

charles, i love you and ur videos so much! you’re so classy but still very down to earth. much love! ♥

Muge Oskay says:

You are not about minimalism. You sell to buy new stuff. You bought the Hermes bracelet and you were done after having it, so sold it. You should admit that to yourself. Also you and your families life standards dont match this luxuary life style, look at your apartment. This is unhealthy.

Alan1234x says:

Gorgeous watch! Can’t go wrong. Make sure you keep plenty of lube for servicing costs.

s berg says:

Are you happy now ? One Birkin stands alone.

smouthdudesmooth says:

There is an emptiness Charles’s is looking to fill. Two weeks ago he claimed he had to cut his spending, – I wish him the best but the self destructive behavior is. No longer fun to watch

Apple Goblin says:

I keep having dreams about Charles Gross!

Joel Velez says:

Dude, that is one hell of a Life Coach. He or she got you to get rid of your Birkins and things you were living for. My gosh!!!

RedheadHun 71 says:

Great choice, money well spent!

Jonathan Christensen says:

What a hypocrite claimed to not be spending and then this. Yawn he is full of crap

doggiemiester says:

Loving your new vibe, and aesthetic!

Paul Fellowes says:

He really doesn’t quite comprehend the concept of minimalism does he? Making way for yet more stuff cancels out everything he said previously! What was noticeable, was the loooong justification he felt compelled to go on and on about prior to the reveal…He knows that deep down, people will be judging him…Forget all that bullshit about ‘material items mean nothing, they’re just stuff’ yeah right!! to others maybe, but to you…quite clearly they still mean everything!

saywink says:

I was sad because I wanted to see the watch face up close or at least what it looked like.

Marie Diana says:

you are so full of it.

froggielovelove says:

So you do a watch unboxing…and never actually show the watch in detail. I thought you wanted to spend less? Buying a $15k watch isn’t a good way to be on that path.

miliee936 says:

You should watch Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It’s on Netflix! : )

Ben Ben says:

stainless steel? barf

Conor_123 says:

I really don’t get people, complaining that Charles is being too materialistic etc. The title’s pretty clear so why click?

Chanelgirl says:

A. Lange & Söhne is one the very wealthy buy with patek.

Shay Monte' says:

If you want to really do it right. Choose one watch, and get rid of the others. I did that with jewelry, i’d keep buying it non stop. Eventually i shelled out a lot and bought one good necklace, one good pair of earrings, one good bracelet, and one good ring. And i’m not allowed to buy jewelry unless it’s costume jewelry that 5 dollars OR i can spend quite a bit but only if im buying it for someone else. That’s how you do it, because once you start a collection, because your OCD it won’t stop lol you’ll just keep buying and buying. I’m like you in that regard, so i choose one thing and when i get that urge, someone is getting a beautiful gift from tiffanys! lol

shaperka says:

I don’t comment often but I watch every single one of your videos! Even these ones – although I don’t care about luxurious goods all that much, it’s your personality that keeps me hooked <3


What a bunch of BULLSHIT!

Chandler InLasVeas says:

I hope you got the automatic. Charles, anyone can buy a Rolex or a VC or PF or a Piaget for that matter, but it takes someone who knows and appreciates watches to own an AP.

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