Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon – The Skeleton Killer!

The only thing I regret about reviewing this watch is one thing…

That I didn’t get to size it and actually wear it! Even though I got to hold it and salivate at what it would be to strut around the Miami club scene sporting it, I really couldn’t size it to my wrist. These watches are rare and this particular one was for a special client that was eager to pick it up…unworn!

I’ve reviewed the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked before in rose gold (see the review here, but that wasn’t a real AP tourbillon. This one is! A tourbillon…from Audemars Piguet for Christ’s sake, and you know how much of an AP fan I am!

The 41 millimeter Royal Oak Tourbillon is an amazing watch. It’s also available in rose and yellow gold. The steel edition is limited to 100 pieces. I call this watch the “skeleton killer!”

Even though this tourbillon from AP is in stainless steel, it retails for a whopping $204,000! How do you feel about that for a stainless steel watch, huh?!

But high prices are a pretty normal thing when it comes to tourbillon models of the big three watchmakers. In fact, I have a rule of thumb that says that you’ll likely always pay over $100k from the big three with “tourbillon” in it!

For this model, you should expect to pay close to retail or slightly under retail. They’re pricey!

So how do you feel about this tourbillon and it’s $200k price tag in steel? Let me know in the comments below.

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Pedro Saenz says:

I had to laugh reading some comments!!

BeyondWrittenWords says:

It’s a great watch. But there are better ones under 1000.

Balkan88 says:

one of the few open worked watches I actually find good looking

Watch Dog says:

That’s a mean looking Mercedes! Wow it looks awesome. Enjoyed the video. Kudos to your team and thank you again for the great review.

Steven Charlery says:

Eric what watch you wearing in the video. Looks like a day date presidential in rose?

Maurie Barnes says:

“Your going to hurting some feelings with this thing and making a major move” Well said. Great review.

Krystian Stępień says:

4:44 🙂
4:50 🙂 🙂

mt89 says:

bet the client is from china

Steini says:

Great watch. Worth every penny as of an investment.

I h says:

Yout videos are shit now! You focuse more in the cars and backgrounds than the watches!

Andrew Melling says:

What happened to the 911?

Minus4Plus6 says:

lol at the Tag Heuer diss

Eric1HBK2 says:

That DD tho

Swymco says:

Under retail on the preowned market? Crazy to think there are people who will spend 200k on watch, and then they’ll try to sell it away. The ultimate “I can’t relate” problem.

It is an awesome watch, but a 15400 with a blue dial is enough of grail for me.

mena seven says:

Beautiful limited edition Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Skeleton Tourbillon. Nice Mercedes GT car and beautiful Miami fashion district.

chefaaron77 says:

What’s the watch company that nobody cares about anymore and you wont mention their name?

alter3go says:

Hmm wonder what brand he was talking about then..

João Ribeiro says:

My favorite full skeleton watches are from AP. Amazing.

jinhui zhu says:

i am sorry to said that I got one for 1200 bucks and everything just work ….including the tourbillon.

Gen bekebeke says:

love it, great vid

Richard Rodriguez says:

Bro whats the name of those sunglasses please? Those are dope. AP tourbillon, not so much. Just my thoughts.

MIAthe305 says:

How in the world would you be able to pick one up below retail? Are they just not selling cuz of the price or cuz people don’t think they’re gona be collectible or what???

Dr Exe says:

these few dudes to hate on the lifestyle parts of videos obvioulsy never watched the real watch your style..
Eric often says you need to see the watch outside.. there you go in HD..
want bare footage of the watch?: you not a real watch person.

Jazz Bhambra says:

The car please……..

Gordon Theuma says:

Lov ur videos bro. Keep it up great watch and sexy amg.


how many cars do you own god damn!

Austin Steve says:

benzo gt-c from RennTech! ? I cant stop noticing the Rollie tho..

helen he says:

I’m loving the new style of your videos from Shanghai China. When we are in Miami we will stop buy pick up a watch for my husband. Liked

Jimmy split 77 says:

Checked one out at the Melbourne ad, it’s retail in Australia is $281,100.
It’s the first ap I’ve looked at and thought no thanks, even if it was half the price it wouldn’t get me wanting it and believe me I love ap’s. I guess the aesthetics of it just aren’t to my taste.

As many comments say, I too love the double balance.
Currently waiting on the combat 44…

Lawrence Rogers says:

Beautiful car. Is it a Ferrari?

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