Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Review – Better Than Patek?

Join me for a quick review of a legend. The infamous AP Royal Oak in 18k pink gold. Often mentioned alongside the famous Patek Philippe Nautilus…this watch is a masterpiece. Let’s take a quick look at this beautiful watch. When a Rolex Daytona or Omega Speedmaster simply won’t do, this may be the answer you are looking for.

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Andy Cook says:

J., thanks for showing us a piece that is hard to see in person, especially in western Canada. What is difference between regular and offshore RO?

yukinomichi8 says:

Hey J.Anthony I totally agree. So much so after much thought I ended up purchasing the 26331OR Blue Tapisserie RG, K Serial. Yes it is definitely heavier than I thought but in a good way. From the way the watch looks on video, you are right in that you must see this watch in person. It will catch you off guard as it has a shine that catches your eye. You really can’t get your eyes off it, and prior to purchase they let me use a loop and it was amazing. Cheers.

Blueshirt Buddah says:

Awesome video on a truly amazing watch. Thanks.

Mark Playford says:

Love this channel hate that watch, and its derivatives. Crazy expensive to buy then watch them rub their hands when it’s service time!!! OUCH

flash burt says:

I don’t get it, you do commercial for watch-companies?

Rene Bense says:

50.000 dollar for this watch with 7000 dollar worth of gold on it….that is 43000 dollar for the watch…..and that is a lot.

david fulginiti says:

J. —-wow don’t return it –run like hell—————thanks, keep up the good work—David

Kahveh Kavhhveh says:

To people who say this is an overrated watch, you’re wrong. AP Royal Oak is the best of all watches. I’ve seen everything in its class and it’s decidedly superior. It _KILLS_ the Nautilus, which is always underwhelming, as well as the Vacherson Overseas & Piaget Polo.

I don’t care for the Offshore models, which are actually ugly. Not into the gold either – the Stainless variations are simply gorgeous.

When I say gorgeous, I mean it. They are absolutely the nicest-looking watches I’ve seen.

AjaxForever says:

Man o man, … this is a direct Maurice Lacroix Aikon rip off whowww

John Dziki says:

I’m fine with commission and would be surprised if you didn’t. Can’t live on google ads alone. Only problem with watch is that it doesn’t look pink enough. Have you done a video on the different kinds of gold? I’m in Minneapolis

VinceFull says:

“Unbiased” lol, wtf? “Hey guys, this is a totally objective review but if you buy this I’m getting a couple grand. ” Its as sad as it is amazing how the channel went from sincere and honest to flogging dipshit Submariner copies and anything under the sun for money.

Andy Garton says:

Apologies if I missed it, but is this a new watch? I can’t work out if it’s got wear marks and has been polished, or just has stickers on!

Savvy Life Strategies says:

An amazing watch. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Len Powell says:

Oh The UK. Cheers.


Don’t get it? Seems like a waste of precious gold. Glad there is endless choices out there for everyone because that kind of money is insanity for a horrible design. And only 50 meter water resistance. 10 grand for every 10 feet, lol!

Len Powell says:

I have a love for the design but and I will get loads of thumbs down I know but and here’s the thing…..A solar quartz not in gold? OK I am on the run? I don’t look back at the speed I am running!Good review.Cheers.Len (Before I get lynched that is)

alan smith says:

You can time yourself counting your silly money in the bank. Sorry not very classy. Alsheff

chip bryant says:

Your intro is to long. I almost left when you came on. Just start talking, we are in a hurry.. Sorry to be so brutal.

Julian Takeshi Quayle says:

Yeah… Probably not for me. Not a huge fan of that much gold nor that price haha. I’d rather get a ducati with that money. Also think it’s awsome you have that discount commission thing going, hopefully one day seiko jumps on board with that idea too XD

Great vid as always! Checking in from Australia

Bryan Holleran says:

J. Anthony Great content and videos beautiful watch and I’m from Pittsburgh PA

Jeff1809 says:

looks good but holy guacamoly is this one expensive!

K B says:

Invicta is better

JP Davis says:

Great review, no doubt a fine machine, but nonetheless I find it homely (understated but still garish) and not worth the price tag even for guys who can afford them. Parts of the case and bracelet look rough and the finish just lacking refinement, although I like solid gold. Iconic world renown designers do not always get it right.

mena seven says:

The pink gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch is a beautiful watch. The AP dial, case and bracelet are beautiful. I will knickname this watch Fort Knox gold brick. I will rather buy this gold AP Royal Oak for $50,000 then buying a $50,000 Mercedes benz E Class because like a jewelry I can pass the AP to my children and grand children, the watch only require service every one or two years and I can store the watch in a bank safety box and gold last forever, the 5000 years old gold mask of Tutankhamun still exist today.

TinBin - Craig says:

brill watch really like it too… we can dream for one lol at that price iam from the uk

Amintas Neto says:

Amazing piece! Please keep it up.

yukinomichi8 says:

Oh btw, I did have the opportunity to try on the Patek 5711/1A and the 5712, but for my wrist, it was too small. Also, as you know both mentioned are stainless steel, and paying the inflated market price of $48,000 was not justifiable. I also am in no position to wait several years from Patek directly, so AP was my choice. Plus for those who don’t know, the Nautilus does NOT hack and takes great skill to sync it to a reference time. The AP I purchased DOES hack.

Michael Rankins says:

This does not have an in house movement. It is based on the F. Piquet 1185.

Donn Testa says:

No question, it is a stunning watch, absolute show stopper and tour de force. Thanks for that review it was a real treat to see!

Blaine Cole says:

IF I could own a gold watch and it got scratched, I would be sent into a deep depression. Cheers, watching you in Japan.

acftmxman says:

Anthony, another great review. It’s quite obvious you are smitten with that Royal Oak. I have to admit, I agree with you in that the design is classic. I’m wondering when it was manufactured? Pink gold is something that hasn’t been commonly used in at least 25 years (that or I’m still living under a rock). It is a beautiful example of haute horology. But for me, the price tag would keep me from ever wearing it for fear of damaging it. Thanks to Bernard Watch too for letting you review it. All the best!!!-Mark

Fit OutPost says:

Good job JA. One could feel a passion for this time piece in your review. I just wish I could share your passion. Petty it’s not my taste. Thanks for sharing.

Tim Gore says:

Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The Royal Oak has the best looking bracelet in all of watchmaking. (BTW I’m in Los Angeles).

david fulginiti says:

S. Jersey———–near Philly

Kakashi Hatake says:

This will be this month’s give away right? 😉

Coi Tajo says:

Cali checking in

bob lulek says:

I don’t understand the fascination with dainty patek watches. AP gives them 52 swift kicks in the ASS!!!

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