Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Vs. Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold Carbon

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Godzilla vs. King Kong. Superman vs. Batman. Hublot vs Audemars Piguet. Certain match-ups – like certain watches – are larger than life. In the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph (44mm, 18-karat rose gold) and the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold Carbon, we have a veritable clash of time titans.

In this head-to-head comparison, WatchBox draws out the strengths, weaknesses, and relative merits of two of the most prominent luxury sports watches on the modern market landscape. Both big, both bold, and both gold, the Royal Oak Offshore 44mm and the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari are like heavyweight fighters competing for the championship belt.

Audemars Piguet created the market for oversized sports watches in 1993 with the original Royal Oak Offshore; Hublot redefined the segment with the 2005 Big Bang. Join WatchBox to discover which high horology heavyweight holds the upper-hand in 2015…

Video and content by Tim Mosso


MrJKL Foams says:

Great comparison. Do you think you can review the new heuer01? Sub to your channel.

BmorePhishPhan says:

“And I’ll add that i’m a fan of sliced bread” i laughed.

Jorge Gallegos says:

I know craftsmanship and reputation of AP is way superior, but I think AP has overdone the bulkiness of its RO. Personaly I think Hublot has put together a better designed piece.

Chronondo Chronondo says:


Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

I like the AP way more

YouYouYou!!! says:

I scooped up the G Shock look alike after watching this. Thanks

Andrew Piatek says:

Stylistically, I prefer Seiko SNP017. Better looking, and more reasonably priced from $600-$700 new on eBay. And if the bracelet wears off, spare bracelets are also available on eBay for $125 a pop. Can have an excellent, beautifully styled and ultra-reliable watch lasting 25 years for every day of the week for a fraction of the cost those Swiss bozos. Come on people. Wake up. Are the horologists like audiophiles who need platinum cables or something? I like high-end audio equipment, but you can buy a superb audio player for $1,000. No need to really blow $100,000 unless you’re planning to keep it in a bank vault as never worn jewelry. I believe the Swiss manufacturers’ watches prices are outrageous. Okay, if it’s bespoke movement like Jeager LeCoultre or even Rolex, but TAG Heuer and Hublot with ETA movement? ETA movement is good for $2,000 max, not for $10,000+ This is ridiculous. Having said that, I still prefer audiophiles and horologists to say, Apple fans. Definitely less annoying then Apple fans. That’s the only reason I can still watch audiophile and horology related videos.

Jesus Christ says:

never buy HUBLOT

MrZambooni says:

Fantastic video! Keep it up! I think that that AP’s strap is a deal breaker for me. :/ It looks kinda cheap if i’m honest, i mean the watch is top notch but that strap blows it! I would have hoped that AP made a better looking strap than that. That Hublot is so comfy to wear with that ruber/leather strap! Btw what kinds of straps you get when you buy these Ferrari Big Bangs? Or do they sell them separately?

ryvr madduck says:

Whoblow- AP wannabe. Audemars Piguet- the king.

Stephen Katz says:

the discounts offered on preowned Hublot are so large, that buyers from ADealers must be kicking themselves

lovevhs says:

I think Hublot one is better.

Shocksink says:

AP all the way…..

Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

Hublot !

Cosmos Lau says:

If you just need beautiful, do not have to buy expensive watches, hublot is more beautiful or useless, the historical image of love it, this is the sky, one is hell

Umar H says:

AP any day

76637990479088796747J says:

Hublot is the bastard child of AP

Blake Lee says:

I see in other videos, reviewers usually wear gloves. Why is it for this one the reviewer doesn’t? Is there particulars or just a preference?

Delage Eric says:

To the guy doing these videos…You’re the one of most articular watch-connoisseur on YouTube — a pleasure to view and listen to your reviews

YamahaRiderz 8888 says:

hublot all the way, ap looks way too boring compared to hublot it looks cheap theres nothing stylish about the ap just bc its an ap doesnt mean its better than hublot and besides all the idiots in the comments cant afford any of these watches anyway

Stephen Katz says:

the reviewer is very good, but the hublot is crap, AP blows this hublot away

Stephen Rose says:

these are cool. I believe that if you want rubber go hublot and if you want a bracelet get the ap offshore diver

SplitRockCreativeTV says:

king kong vs godzilla? Nah more like Godzilla (AP) vs Matchbox Car (Hublot)

jokur says:

AP definitely classier even though it’s a sports watch, however Hublot looks and feels more modern

porscheoscar says:

the bezel screws on AP look terrible…bordering on gaudy. in fact they should get rid of them entirely. I would go with a Ti bezel inset in a carbon fiber collar

Jiho Jung says:

I don’t care. They’re both beautiful in my eyes.

N R says:

Awesome video, this apples to apples was exactly what I was looking for.

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