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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked Watch Hands-On

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch at SIHH 2016 goes hands-on with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked watch in steel, and it is also available in 18k pink gold.

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Greg Mieg says:

should be 100 metres

Rachdanon X says:

only the balance wheel area is moving?

viciousweasel says:

I dont normally like skeletonized watches that much but this is just absolutely beautiful!!! AP did it again! best brand imo

Akira Toriyama says:

murmering meh…………..quiet frankly this amateur time piece is rather old fashioned and quite ferromagnetic . Superb craftsman ship these days has a high standard and nothing less than an Diamond tipped Ivory Hexa Balance Wheel Open worked regardless if thats rather too shay. Well Frankly the creator and genius – Igor Van St Pascal – makes the finest time pieces. you guys should consider making thus an ideal purchase. when u win the billion doller lottery that is ……….. MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Steve Smith says:

even if I had the money I wouldn’t pay 44k for this

ConRon says:

Not generally a fan of skeletonized watches but this is beautiful

tito yolo says:

Open worked anglage and polishing is their attempt to shut Hublot up

Ayyy Lmfao says:

Accuracy over… Time, budum tishhhhh

555 Gear says:

And this, folks, is how you do skeletonized.

ali hawater says:

i am in love with all audemard piguet watches but tbh the skeleton dial makes it look like garbage

sutats says:

Absolutely stunning and wonderful to see a new calibre.

alejandroalartiz says:

They should release a 39mm version of this one. And also, made it with 100mts. and plus, water resist. Just beautiful!

Dan Pop says:

crazy looking watch

Eduardo Abrão says:

its plat idiot

Waleed Rezq says:

v nice watch

Ricky Penson says:

AP must have been like “lets add another spinning thingy and remove the date function, definitely worth double the price!”

Ravivardhan Prakash says:

my god this is the coolest watch i’ve ever seen

Steve Smith says:

even if I had the money I wouldn’t pay 44k for this

Hayat S says:

44k for steel 76k for rose gold.. total manufacturing cost
=500usd steel
=550 for rose gold.
What a joke.

111thomas1111 says:

How you going to ask 44 000 for this though?

purewonka says:

Yes, please.

Andrew Steel says:

not a fan of open works/skeletonized watches. makes a watch look cheap. I don’t know if winner or armitron is copy a.p. or the other way around. open heart is fine even partial movement exposure but no dial I just can’t stand. but I’m just 1 opinion.

yacoup yousef says:

Talk to me what’s app +96567688867

dimitris bastas says:

Nothing better than 15202st and 15300st.

shahkjsn says:

Hi what material is the gold looking materials made of? Is it real gold or something else? I’m asking because I want to avoid anything with gold. Thank you

ryvr madduck says:

I’ve seen some comments about skeleton movements and I’m on the side of not liking them as much. I find a bit busy whether high end or low.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

I don’t like it. It’s too flashy

RobReports says:

Looks nice, but Archive said not to deal with APs.

A Cat says:

does no one thini this watch looks cheap? its almost to shiny and basic, it looks like a chinese watch. i know it isnt and i know ap are a very reputable watch brand and company but, come on it looks cheap to anyone who doesnt know watches

Josue Suarez says:

Sorry is Calibre 3132!!

HachiZenki says:

This’ll be snapped up by all the NBA/NFL players….

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