Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chrono – 41mm New Style Chronograph in Yellow Gold

On this video, I will review the 41mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak chrono in yellow gold. This is the new style, which is a great looking watch!

The Royal Oak is indeed my favorite model of the AP brand of luxury watches, with the 41mm being the perfect size in my book. The watch retails for $56,000 and can fetch a price that’s higher than retail if the watch is unworn. Regardless, the new AP chrono gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Personally, out of the stainless, rose gold and yellow gold versions (the version I’m reviewing on this video), I prefer the rose gold version. There’s something about the yellow gold that Audemars Piguet uses in watches that doesn’t really do it for me. It has a bit of a greenish tint to it and it might have to do with the alloys that they use. I would much prefer if the yellow was actually closer to what Rolex uses in their timepieces.

In this 41 millimeter AP chrono version in yellow gold comes with the sub-dials in yellow, as opposed to the older version that used to come with a solid, blue dial.

I think that an exhibition caseback would have made this watch a bit nicer as well.

One thing I truly do love about the watch is the bracelet.

Overall, the watch is a solid contender in the watch game, especially if you’re not really bothered by the yellow gold issue I mentioned earlier.

So how do you feel about the new 41-mm chrono from Audemars Piguet in yellow gold?

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Corleone 911 says:

I tried both! 39 and 41mm but I like the 39 more. I think it looks more classic, but taste is different

Shaf Serious says:

Sup crm mofo!! Need some rolex vids!!!! Allow these other frivalous yukki watches!!

guitar911rock says:

The gold does look funky. Almost a fake yellow gold

João Ribeiro says:

I love blue dial watches.
Im still into the 3 same size circles in AP tho.
I do prefer the rose gold AP since i like the yellow gold in rolex more as the yachmaster and submariner.
Still the yellow gold AP looks nice aswell.
Maybe in the future if i decide to have a big blue yellow gold collection i may sell or trade the rose gold in order to obtain the yellow one.
Ps: Probably i will keep the rose and get the yellow aswell. Im not that much of a watch seller. What i can say i love all my watches.

TheSpritz0 says:

ERIC- Happy Halloween Brother!!!

Twinkle Rod says:

I have to admit that I’m a Rolex and Patek guy but this AP is nice, I would buy it

Radeon_ V2 says:

Great video. Even though we know you are an AP fanboy, you still give an honest opinion whether positive or negative. Very refreshing! Keep up the great work?

Gen bekebeke says:

excelent review Eric, I agree with all u said.

J Ein says:

Not an AP expert but don’t think they make the movement hence the reason they aren’t showcasing it.

Frank V says:

Nice! But Patek looks a ton lot better in all gold

Harper Wayne says:

Any AP killer watch has to be in rose gold even the steel version doesn’t really work neither, there is too much brushed surface.

spodonne says:

Love the 41mm chromo. Is there any chance you could do a video on the new stainless steel model? I love the new dial. Great video as always!

Maurie Barnes says:

Nice piece; agree with your comments on FG compared to Rolex. Spot on observation!

e smith says:

Bracelet is not as nice Rolex oyster or president bracelet! No way!

Net Millionaire says:

Great watch, its on my list, but so is the brick too, and the 44mm offshore, which one? still cant decide! HELP!

Kevork Nourian says:

I agree 41 perfect size and thank you for the excellent show

moh murad says:

How about the platinum/titanium 41mm chrono??

kode701 says:

the AP Royal Oak doesn’t have a in house movement to show.

MaxFPS says:

Dude it’s cool that you wanna give this channel richer content and entertainment, but you got 68k subs, you don’t have 20 million, no need to spend a ton of money renting high end cars and going to places and recording buildings and trees and shit. I’d rather enjoy 6 minutes of a full review than watching you drive and look successful (you are, don’t get me wrong), because you know a lot more and I feel like the watch is not being honored as it should. Just an honest opinion cos I love the channel. #peace

Sean Wolf says:

What a stunning watch

Ryan Shabib says:

spot on as usual !!

Tony Montana says:

I’m addicted to the Royal Oak design. Great vid as always Eric.

frieswithmayo says:

Not for me, but I agree it looks great. Nice vid !

rtcharge says:

Like it, don’t go for gold but this looks good. Perfect size too.

Tim Girian says:

Nice video mate

CrimFerret says:

If you like the Royal Oak, that’s a nice looking watch. I have to agree about the tone, that even comes across in the video. It does look a little brassy. For that kind of money, I’d be looking at a ALS Datograph or Glushutte Panoretrograph, but neither of those are close to as robust as the AP.

plicslac says:

I love your videos. You show some really high end watches. I wanted to know how you felt about Invicta watches? Of course their not high end in the sense that your used to. However, from time to time, they seem to come out with a really nice looking piece. Just wondering how you felt about the brand?

Koussay Akkad says:

Eric, you’re a little tough on their yellow gold. It’s different from Rolex, but kind of works with the AP bracelet. its a wider bracelet and a big watch so maybe this type of shine fits in well



itsleo says:

Great vid as always Eric, Greater Watch, Greatest CAR!! 🙂

Fabian Kunz says:

they don’t show the movement cuz it’s not theirs. didn’t you know that???

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