Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15450 Unboxing

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is a horological icon. Introduced in 1972, the Royal Oak was the very first ultra-luxury steel sports watch. It was a significant departure from the classic, conservative gold wristwatches AP was known for until that time. As legend holds, the Royal Oak was designed overnight by Gerald Genta. Its design has since gone down as truly revolutionary, transforming the staid, conservative watchmaking world on its head.


dimitris bastas says:

Very nice with silver dial! But I believe that the 15300st is the best.

One Media says:

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Tina Fung says:

This is on my wish list but I’m wondering if it’s too big on me since you said it actually looks larger than 37 mm (I’m a woman, rolex Yacht Master 37 looks perfect on me tho…).

Brandon Rebuck says:

Great video. Please show us the rest of your collection.

Mika Partanen says:

Nice review and congrats for a great watch! What are your experiences in terms of scratching? E.g. the polished and brushed parts? How would you compare the ease of scratching vs. Rolex (if you have had any)?

Kyle Mcgrogan says:

I just love the look of this watch. The angular design and the bracelet really do it for me.

somesnapperishe says:

Beautiful watch. Almost pulled the trigger but the 16mm clasp was a bit too dainty for me. Quite happy with 39mm on 6.5 wrist

Truth Seeker says:

Fucking fake

Romi Ku says:

How much is it?

tj bender says:


kappelmeister123 says:

the narrator has a soothing voice

Greg Mieg says:

You easily could of gone 41mm, that looks smallish on you, acceptable but 41 more masculine

Tom D says:

How does the Royal Oak wear compared to the Daytona? Which one do you prefer aesthetically?

Bruno Dn says:

Beautifull watch. And you’re right to show us the set box. This is an important part of the pleasure. Have you ever seen a 2000$/€/£ Seiko Marine Master set box? That’s just… pitiful.

Shannon Wait says:

I hope to buy this watch this year or next.


hiw do you think the ap will do on a 6,6 inch flat wrist?

mark says:

Nice review, thanks. This watch is next on my list. Not sure what colour face though, white, blue or black.

Archer says:

Beyond-gorgeous watch.
Looks perfect on your wrist.
Nicely done review.

Nguyên Quang says:

how is ur wrist size man?

pennfootball says:

I can’t wait until they come out with their new movement n 2-3 years for the RO and offshore. Then I will get one.

Berendsen says:

”inflake.. – inflation”

Andre 1,000 says:

Stunning watch!

Just thoughts really says:

The 15400 is 41mm, not 40mm as stated on the video. I agree, all Royal Oaks wear bigger than their case diameter might suggest. It’s the very long lug-lug length that does it. The ROO at 42mm feels more like 45-46mm on the wrist

ali murtaza says:

Hi, great review. I have the same watch and wrist size. Curious on whether you tried the Jumbo 15202. Because of a flat 6.5 inch wrist, I cannot look at the offshore models. So, now eyeing the Jumbo to add to my 15450. Worried on how it will fit on my wrist. There is no way to try a Jumbo other than a AP boutique it seems.

Richard Burns says:

Nice vid

AngryPistons says:

I have a 6.8 inch wrist. I wander if the 15300 would be a better choice…

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