Audemars Piguet Novelty Camo Watch Review – Love it or Hate it?

Just got my hands on a new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Novelty Camouflage Luxury Watch! It’s nice, but I have a few concerns about this 44mm AP reference 26400SO.OO.A054CA.01.


So today’s review is gonna be on the new AP 44 millimeter that comes in stainless steel.

Now there’s a whole new Novelty theme coming out with these new watches. They have a camouflage strap and overall theme. I call it the “AP Fatigue.”

[intro music]

So Audemars released it on the SIHH show in 2018 and originally when I saw it, I feel like the watches aren’t even out yet at the dealerships and clients are already calling and saying that they wanna to get it.

I’m like, “Dude, it just got released yesterday in the Switzerland show!”

Now, I have mixed feelings about it, OK?

I think the overall look, you know the way they executed it with the off-white khaki colored dial and kind of like a dark green, military green bezel and ceramic stuff. It fits good. It looks nice.

It’s gotta good theme going on. I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly for me because one of the major things about this watch is the price.

Has a retail of $31,000 and they’re going right now in the market for over retail, so I don’t know. I mean, do I wanna pay that much over just to have this whole Fatigue theme or can I just get a regular stainless steel and maybe perhaps strap a Horus strap on it in camo and just call it a day.

So that’s the one thing where I’m not really 100% sold on it. Is how versatile can it be or how cool it really is overall.

So I mean the overall execution as far as how they did it, it’s nice. It’s AP. I’m AP gang. Everything they do is quality. The only thing I don’t like is is that the overall look kind of reminds me a little bit of Hublot and you already know how I feel about that. So they kind of watered it down with that whole look and the whole camouflage theme. I mean, what the heck am I gonna do with it and what are they gonna do next? Are they gonna come out with a leopard print one or perhaps maybe a cheetah model? I mean, that’s the only thing I don’t like. However, I wanna mention that they did also release a couple more from Novelty in rose gold for example.

And the rose gold one is more appealing to me. It kind of has like a burgundy chocolate covered bezel and it’s pretty much the same theme, but just with different colors. That one does appeal to me a bit more.

And I like it overall. I mean, if I was gonna pick one, it would probably be that one.

Freaking Jet skis back here. They’re like the rats of the seas, you know what I mean?


One thing I wanna point out is the quality of this strap, like I don’t know how they did it as far as the vulcanization process, but the way that they laid the colors and they blend in on the strap, it almost looks like it’s painted on top of the strap.

Like, I don’t know. It just looks so authentic, OK? It almost looks like on the strap, like the feel of an old military vehicle. It has that nostalgic look, which I really, really like about it. So you know, now that I have it in my hands, when I saw it in pictures, I didn’t like it all, OK?

When I got it in my hands, it does look a little bit nicer in person. I guess it’s just the price man. I guess if you told me that it was gonna cost me two to three grand more than a standard steel model, it would probably win me over, but it’s just the price to me doesn’t justify it, you know, I don’t hate it. I’m just not crazy about it.

So that being said, I’m pretty much looking forward to finally getting my hands on the rose gold version of the camo theme or like I say, “the Fatigue AP,” with the chocolate theme. I think that’s the one that’s gonna be much nicer.

So feel free to comment below how you feel about the new AP Novelty Series with the camouflage theme. And also don’t forget to hit the notifications bell until it looks like this or otherwise, you might not see the latest videos.

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z says:

I like your videos man but you show a lot of ugly watches

Joe Giz says:

I agree Eric, the camo doesn’t do it for me either. What do you think about the AP Elephant? The more I look at it…the more I want one 🙂

Bryan Hassell says:

Bring back the cartoony background music

Massive Hero says:

The look is cheap.

Eddy Chou says:

Fucking nice man

itsleo says:

Yooo Eric! Great vid as always, nice new intro…AP Fatigue..DONE! TM that!

Benjamin BALTESAR says:

Hey Eric, what’s the ref of the rg ceramic one you are wearing? It looks hot!

Alison Smith says:

G-shock bape is a little less expensive!

e smith says:

44mm ridiculously too big for most

Amer Petro says:

What is the H brand ?

Chris Lutz says:

Strap needs to go. Other than that a nice watch

Jay H says:

The watch is nice. The band is garbage!

SoCal Watch Reviews says:

Video looks great! Glad you hired a production company!

24K ArabiaFelix says:

i put a horus camo strap on a Safari2 and looks perfect

R P B 7 says:

All I got to say is “31K camo HA”!

e smith says:

Camo is to trendy…that’s the problem with ap and hublot

Joe Fulton says:

Awesome intro too!!!!!

Watch Dog says:

Awesome video production. Kudos to your team! Watch looks great and the strap matches well. I would buy it but I would wait until hype dies down. Thank you for your honesty in your reviews.

Dicky Darmali says:

Like it the first time I saw the pic last year. However 42 ROO, let alone this 44 is too big for me.

george luckaas says:

Why does CRM not do reviews on hublot?

todoroki says:

I think I actually like your golf swing better than that camo strap.

Long Pang says:

Can you do a watch review on David Beckham and Roger Federer please?

raul lopez says:

i prefer the rose gold AP model than the Novelty Camouflage, of course, the rose gold model offshore 44mm it´s the best AP sport watch, Love it

L N says:

DIAL is insane

Pedro Castro says:

Eric looks like Stevie Wonder, looking everywhere while he talks

bjammin187 says:

When I read the description, Eric, I thought you meant you HAD AP Fatigue. Like, too many AP’s in your life. Which is, of course, impossible.

Steve thomas says:

Seen Anthony Joshua has this ,think he had it just after nit came out

Roy Batty says:

Epic review

Raul Sanchez says:

Looks like AP hired a designer from Hublot & just trying to make something loud instead of classy. At half the retail price I wouldn’t buy it.

Louis says:

Hello Eric

Nice review and video again bro. How can i contact you? Ik have a watch to trade in for the AP rosé black chrono?

Greetings from Louis (Amsterdam)

BeerManSF says:

Looks like AP is competing with Invicta and Hublot .

Bart Meep says:

AP will be the next Panerai long term

Faisal Alibrahim says:

The watch is kinda silly , yet it will be in demand cuz its an AP.

Borislav Kovachev says:

kinda look like a ginger hair woman – you know it’s weird asf but it’s sexy as hell

amyloidse fibrose says:

It is only the flavor of the moment

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