Audemars Piguet Michael Schumacher – AP Schumacher Review – Audemars Piguet Michael Schumacher – AP Schumacher Review

The 44-mm AP Michael Schumacher is one of the more serious watches from the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore line. I will be reviewing this piece on this video.

Michael Schumacher is considered the Pele of Formula One racing. The retired German F1 race car driver is a seven-time World Champion, one of the best in the sport.

AP configured an ROO model after the famous Formula 1 racer, which I consider one of the most serious, heavy-hitting pieces of the AP line.

Unfortunately, Schumacher suffered severe head injuries while skiing in the French Alps on December 29, 2013. Since that time, and after his operation to deal with a brain hemorrhage that left the F1 driver in a coma, Schumacher’s condition has been yo-yoing and causing many to speculate that his watches could gain significant value if his condition does not improve.

All speculation aside, at $80,000+, the racing inspired sports watch from Audemars Piguet is already priced at nearly twice of other all-gold pieces from the AP line!

Other racing inspired watches from AP are the Barrichello and the Montoya, both which I also like.

Both the rose gold AP Schumacher (with the titanium bezel, the one on the video) and the all-titanium model are great watches that should be on every serious collector’s list.

The Michael Schumacher model has certain design cues that are different than other Royal Oak Offshore watches, even though the movement and chronograph functions are the same. Instead of the traditional screws AP uses on their ROO models, the AP Schumacher makes use of Allen-shaped ones to adorn the bezel. Even though the cases are also the same as the ones from the regular 44-millimeter line, they’re a big “beefier” on the Schumacher models. Overall, a powerful presence emanates from the Schumacher AP line.

As far as the Watch Game goes, the Michael Schumacher watch from AP will definitely elevate the wearer’s level of status. It’s not every day that you’re going to see someone walk into a room wearing a pair of shorts and an $80,000-sports watch strapped casually to his wrist!

What do you think of the AP Michael Schumacher? Leave me your thoughts on the comments section below.

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i Luka says:

Keep uploading videos, this was one serious watch, hope we will see soon Patek and also Omega seamaster 300. 🙂
Greethings from Serbia Eric!

Eduardo Abrão says:

When is your next Rolex video?

Davide Ganser says:

Hi Eric! Great review. I really like your reviews.

MSM4U2POM says:

If I were going to buy a watch for the price of a small house, I would expect it to at least look like a watch. This thing has all the style and elegance of a house-brick.

John Eli says:

that’s a cool watch

Eduardo Abrão says:

Eric, should i go rolex, ap or hublot?

Piranha VS. says:

Is there any significant different between this and the lebron ? Besides the obvs. Like the diamond pusher or the red AP on the crown.? Also can u do a video on the lebron, I emailed u and you helped me to make the purchase on the lebron and I thank you and respect your opinion.

Csab says:

Schumacher is a vegetable now, unfortunately and there is no news about him hes wife hiding him somewhere…

takitezy7 says:

i like this guy, he makes good videos

Paulo de la Rosa says:


Shaf Serious says:

Eric whats the possibility of reviewing the Patek 5711?

Daryl Ang says:

if you have to choose between an AP automatic blue dial stainless steel or a PATEK AQUANAUT satin black dial rubber strap. what would it be. price range abt the same. thanks

Auttie B says:

Good one

J R says:

Hey Eric you need to do a video review of Scarface AL Pacino watch, the omega de ville la magique with the 18k band

oscar Erazo says:

Name song please? 🙂

Rodney Thomas says:

Very serious timepiece…Excellent video!!

Seth Greenhill says:

I truly hope they will never make an Alonso.
It would be brown and smell suspiciously of poo and never fit in anywhere.

Tonino Belimussi says:

Wouldn’t pay even the gold’s worth for this. But it’s true I dislike the AP design anyway. It’s okay for people who don’t have much else to tell about themselves. [edited content] Just saying, it’s the kind of cheap mentality one needs to have in order to wear gaudy expensive things to make a statement.

Ahmed Raza says:

love this watch

Kahveh Kavhhveh says:

You’ve an AP on and it literally looks like a 20 dollar Quartz on you. I’ve never seen someone bring down the value of so nice so much. Damn, man.

Shaf Serious says:

Hmmm its okay doesnt look too bad…but wont get my dollars!! actually the more i look at it the more it looks enchanting hmmmm

Fletcher L says:

Man can you PLEASE tell me what kind of sunglasses youre wearing??

SplitRockCreativeTV says:

Love the channel Eric! This is a serious AP. I love the Royal Oak Concept Laptimer for MS.

DRandomD says:

There are 2 different Schumacher versions, one is a chromoniter

pwn3dbylif3 says:

What kind of glasses are those?

Markus Sch says:

Great video. Love that PP on your wrist. Perhaps do a vid on the Deepsea and Deepsea Deepblue.

dan bolos says:

which is your mail?

luiz guilherme moreira sales says:

i had a dream Michael Schumacher returns to f1 in 2017 people will say i am crazy but i Believe this waiting to 2017

floridaBMW says:

It is an amazing piece

Lucas Patterson says:

I’m a big fan of all your videos! My only complaint is that the background music seems to be a tad bit too loud and I find it distracting from you talking about the watch. It might just but I figured I would mention it. Keep up the great content!

ruben van hof says:

Great video man, keep up the good work!

international player says:

Hi Eric, whats the song name please?

Jude Meler says:

Another amazing video i have the same watch!!!!!

hd31 says:

Don’t like it. Looks childish lacks masculinity.

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