Asia Luxury Haul FW 2017, pt.2: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Unboxing and reveal of most of the last item from part 1 from Audemars Piguet, that I got at the boutique in HK. The single biggest luxury item purchase every (more than the Cartier Panthère ring from my last Paris haul).

Part 1:

More details will be posted later.

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LinusLarrabee says:

Very nice Phil

amirjon says:

You are saying some odd numbers, there is no 36mm royal oak OR a 31mm or 32mm!! I believe this is a 37mm ref 15450…

Khalish says:

would like to learn how to achieve such goals

Ben Ben says:

Hot piece ! Is it less expensive in Asia?

Daniel Hammond says:

It is a very beautiful watch. It looks quite heavy! I suppose that is inevitable with all the gold in it! Congratulations and I hope you can do an in-depth review when you have used it for a while! Thank you for the video!

Wildan A Maulana says:

w.o.w so goooddd

Ryan Loh says:

Did you consider the 15202? It’s a direct descendant of the original genta design at 39mm, no second hand/screw down crown, and with the original Jaeger ultra thin movement!

EagleOD1 says:

you coulda bought a house with the amount you spend on that 😮 but it was your purchause, enjoy it 🙂

okapi323 says:

Wow, that’s a stunning watch. I’ve eyeing Bulgari’s “Octo” watch, but this one might be nicer.

what jay brings says:

Wow! I guess in my case a miracle is needed but Congrats on your purchase! It’s absolutely beautiful!

jose acosta says:

What a stunning watch

Dwee Phan says:

I’m convinced you’re a millionaire affording all these amazing luxury products!!! Such goals. Great review !

El Houcine Mokadem says:

I have the same one in black and gold

Youtuber05 says:

Lucky rich guy

philtrich says:

First 😛

Khalish says:

bro fo a video on your career / saving tips etc thanks ! 🙂

Schizophrenic0 says:

cool timepiece

He Smells Like Rome says:

I’m am sooo jelly right now. Niice! congrats.

a rogue troll says:

I like your channel – Also, nice choice in Royal Oaks. The people who buy the chronograph versions….

Mário Tomar says:

I really like your videos

Hussain Albraiki says:

It’s fits your wrist & with the iconic industrial screw/bolts design would look even better with Cartier LOVE rose gold **

BIG2hats says:

What ever investments your making or business you run…I need to be involved!

newmoon320 says:

Yes, I do remember you were trying AP from your Paris IG. Was it WG one? I do love this Rose Gold one very much. So magnificent!

Mr. MICHAEL says:

i’m happy for you Phil. Making great progress with your collection and career. Happy Thanksgiving

MrRocktex1978 says:

wow its gorgeous- can u add diamonds in the future like a ROlex u can add a diamond or jewel bezel and change the face w diamonds in it. Be careful w ur hand cuase a thief will cut it off- lol jk

spodonne says:

gorgeous watch! congratulations!

Austin D says:

so really, when are we getting married? ha <3

JoelN says:

How to afford all this stuff?

Simon Fan says:

Hey SartorialPhil! This is a beautiful watch!
I wonder if you can make another in depth video about AP RO. Why you choose this watch over the Patek Philippe Nautilus, Vacheron Constantin Overseas, and other watches?

Thomas Cooper says:

Stunning watch. Is it heavy on your wrist?
I have heard it is called a ‘brick’ because how heavy it is.
I really like your voice. Very soothing.

Hussain Albraiki says:

It’s a lovely watch and must have for a watch collectors / geeks .. For looks even the new Bvlgari Octo line ( specifically solo-tempo in bracelet ) is a similar if one looks for looks and it serves fashion and watch making people as it’s 4th time world record breaker and being a bvlgari .. I personally like it more . Anyways it’s awesome especially I’ve never seen this version I’m used to see it in dark dials but this is as awesome fits your wrist and would with its iconic bolts design would lol even better with matchy Cartier LOVE rose gold

ImEmilyThorne says:

It’s sooo beautiful.

meijun Lim says:

such a elegant AP!! You should try to come to Malaysia and shop, esp for watches. You will be surprise how much the discount and the tax refund you can get. I suggest you shop at Suria KLCC or Pavillion KL. Enjoy your video, hope to see more from you. Take care and happy thanksgiving ( belated )

iffy j says:

Wow bro congrats blessings

Hussain Albraiki says:

I believe the pendulum ( rotor is yellow gold ) you can feel the heavy worthy of dual even on steel version

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