AP vs Rolex – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Rolex Submariner Gold. Which is Better?

http://www.crmjewelers.com – AP vs Rolex – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Rolex Submariner Gold. Which is Better?

In this video, I will be reviewing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (42mm Stainless Steel) and the Rolex Submariner Gold (40mm Solid Gold). Both of these luxury watches have their unique differences in terms of look and status level. The Rolex Sub being reviewed sports a classic look taken up a notch – an all gold design. The AP is in the same price range as the Rolex (around $15 k), but its design is very unique and contemporary.

If you’re venturing into the world of luxury watches for the first time, you’ll probably favor the gold Rolex because it makes a louder statement. However, as time goes by, you may get a bit tired of it and decide that you don’t want to wear something so flashy all the time. This is where the Audemars comes in. Constructed out of stainless steel, the AP is a more understated watch, but one with a lot more character – perfect the watch connoisseur. Nevertheless, you must take something into consideration about the AP. Being a watch that is prone to scratches, I would not recommend it for the first time wearer. You need to have to have some practice under your belt before you wear this watch.

The gold Submariner, on the other hand, is a beautiful watch, but not one you may want to wear all the time. A gold Rolex Sub is also a watch that’s relatively rarer than other more famous Rolex models, like the President or Yacht-Master.

When it comes to investment potential, both of these watches are safe bets. AP is the next level after Rolex and before Patek Philippe. It can hold its value just as well or even better than a Rolex. After all is said and done, my personal preference is definitely the AP Offshore.

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Absolutely Zero says:

Can you do a video for PANERAI VS ROLEX SUB, GMT II with about the same prices?

M YSS says:

I’m considering buying either the AP royal oak offshore solid rose or the 40mm day date platinum. I know they are two different wrist games so I’d like to know your pick on this.

OkcThunder 405 says:

Oh. 2003. I get it now

Thomas Gigante says:


hfhlm says:

If you want to impress watch “gurus” buy a seiko. If you want to impress the other 99.9999999% of people, buy a rolex. ap is stupid.

Father Father says:

I don’t know why but I think ap is a better brand

Alden Buyer says:

The AP is ugly

ael buel says:

AP Royal Oak is fine, Offshore is people with no taste and no class.

Asif Ahmed says:

always love your reviews. i make sure i watch your review before i purchase one. i have got dilemma on buying my nest watch. i have rolex daytona ceramic bezel in rose gold with leather strap or audemars piguet royal oak 15400 in rose gold with leather strap. both are BEAUTIFUL watches. please help me to choose one. Thanks man.

yelp70 says:

I’d pick the AP, my overall goal watch is definitely a Patek Phillipe Nautilis in rose gold, good stuff Eric

BrainTwister23 says:

It depends on where you live.
Example if you are from Asia rolex is way more known brand there and will get you more compliments etc
I don’t like the particular AP watch and i also think that the gold rolex with the blue face and the explorer 2 are both great watches and they are the only ones i would get from this brand
AP is a more sophisticated brand for watch enthusiasts but i would go with the black face one

psm1167 says:

haha some guy might think its a michael kors hahahaha

Josh Swathwood says:

15K??? Where can I buy a gold sub for 15K?

Eduardo Abrão says:

which one would you buy?

Andrew Piatek says:

It’s interesting. I find the Audemars Piguet Offshore far better looking than a diver watch. I saw a guy wearing one recently on the subway, I noticed that he has a great watch immediately. Granted, I made a mistake at first thinking it was a Vacheron Constantin Overseas chronograph, but no, it was AP. It was big, prominent, in a good way. There’s nothing quiet or discrete about this watch.

Gold Rolex diver? Would fit Ron Jeremy quite well 🙂

MrEleven1181 - Luxury Reviews says:

Great video. I’m stuck between the sold gold GMT IIc black dial and the AP 15710 diver literally can’t decide only hav etwo watches the now a Rolex GMT IIc in steel and two tone so the solid gold would complete the collection but also want to make the jump to AP. Decisions decisions

GunsCarsBikeCigars says:

15400 Vs gold sub or gmt is a more direct comparison for most experienced watch snobs

psm1167 says:

doesnt AP predate rolex by a good number of years? I’m pretty sure AP was started in the mid to late 1800s and rolex was founded in the early 1900s. if anything AP has a longer and more storied history than rolex



Gary Martin says:

That gold Rolex looks awful, something only a smelly fat Arab would wear

SnazzyPantz says:

I agree that the AP is the better choice, but I think the non-offshore version of the Royal Oak is is classier.

ronnie wong says:

i will go for ap, good taste

Alejandro Ramos says:

I already bought a AP Royal Oak Offshore all black with rubber straps…

summerrr1 says:

Lol. “Both have a different impact on what you’re trying to do with the watch.” Would that be telling the time then?

Rooster Sauce says:

In my opinion, there are always two factors to any item you are collecting. There is the ‘wow!’ factor, which is apparent to everyone and anyone, and then there is the cool factor which only applies to people who know a lot about the item and it’s history. To give a car example a brand new Lamborghini may have a pretty high wow factor and someone who knows nothing about cars will prefer it to a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO every time. These people probably have no idea what Le Mans is though or the history of cars, their rarity, what they represented at the time… that is why the high end Lamborghini may go for $4 million while the old Ferrari goes for $60 million. I find that collectors who really love the items they are collecting and not just trying to impress people appreciate the cool factor far more, seeing as they have developed a fine appreciation for the items and they understand how significant their piece is. With watches it’s pretty similar; someone who has money and class won’t want the average person to know how much his watch is worth. I find that people are more impressed when you don’t flaunt everything you have in the first five minutes of a conversation; there is no mystery that way. I admit women will probably be more impressed by a Rolex at first but if you get to know her and maybe one day she comes across an AP you were wearing and finds out it’s worth 5 times as much as that other guys Rolex she will be more than intrigued. This is true for any asset or talent you may have; it also works well if you know a different language and just begin speaking it after a few months of knowing someone. It’s all about the mystery and charm, and an AP has way more of that than a Rolex.

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