Alternatives to The Iconic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – Gerald Genta Design

Hi Guys,

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I discuss alternatives to the iconic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Designed in 1972 by Gerald Genta, the Royal Oak was the worlds first luxury steel sports watch. It’s porthole look is one of the most well regarded designs in watch history. Needless to say Mr. Genta makes more than one appearance on the alternatives list. The Omega Constellation, Bulgari Diagono, Hublot Classic Fusion and IWC Ingenious are all great alternative.


IWC Ingenieur Review by The Urban Gentry:

Please watch: “Seiko SKX 009K ( SKX175K ) Dive Watch Review – Great Value ! – Federico Talks Watches”


Joe S says:

Nice choices (although I’m not a fan of the Hublot)! I live in London and saw a guy on the underground a few days ago with a Royal Oak in steel with the blue face. I have to say I was underwhelmed by it, sure it looked great but it din’t look “worth the money”. I’d much rather have a VC Overseas 🙂

Tomasz Woznikowski says:

Thanks Fredrico ! Much good information 🙂

Mr.Equinox says:

i’d like to add the Bulova Marine Star 98B104 has a very similar shape at a much lower cost ~$550. So if you want the look but without the price tag, Bulova

itsKibble says:

The Royal Oak Stainless Steel with Blue Dial is my grail! Love it

My Email says:

No alternative

nickpap1 says:

Im a big fan of Gerald Genta, i was tempted by the IWC, until that is i tried on the AP Royal Oak in the same shop and the two just dont compare. The royal oak bracelet and finishing is stunning.
The classic Royal Oak in 39mm is the only watch to consider. Its just gonna take a bit longer to save for it!

Alan c says:

Rolex oysterquartz that is genta 2 years per ap op! !! how about that in a game of gents top trump

Ana Isidro says:

Great video. so many great options. love G.G.

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Orient Equalizer, it is a Quarz piece and quite inexpensive (if you can find one) but style wise definately a contender in my book

benasgud says:

I’m considering buying Classic Fusion, but I heard that they don’t use in house movements. They modify Sellita SW300 movement. And that’s kinda why I don’t know if I should pull the trigger. Because I LOVE the design of the watch, but have questions about their movements… The video at the end lagged or was cut and I don’t fully understood what you said about their movements. Can You explain more? Thanks, love your videos.

John Salevurakis says:

I would throw the Grand Seiko SBGV015 on this list as well…..$2800 or so street price and a pretty damned cool quartz movement running it. In fact, I think I find the Seiko HAQ movement more interesting than the run of the mill ETA.

Claus-L. Müller says:

Hi Federico,
Your alternatives are well chosen. No one has to be blamed for picking up one of these instead of the “original”. My closest attempt to go Royal Oak so far, is my old and beloved Maurice Lacroix Tiago. It is only a relatively cheap quartz watch, but it served me well over ten years as my every day watch.
Best regards,

Thomas Cala says:

The Royal Oak is my grail watch. I am up in the air about which AP model (considering the diver atm). Anyway, enjoyed the video. Each of the selections are wonderful in their own right. I think , I need to show some discipline and stay the course for the grail.

Kev-In-Bangkok says:

If im ever buying a speedmaster its gonna be the apollo 14!!!

Jonathan Ham says:

Maurice lacroix aikon

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

Great video Frederico. BTW just noticed you made it to 5000 subscribers!!! Congrats:)


I’m surprised you didn’t pick the oysterquartz and the case was designed by Gerald Genta, and carried one of the best executed quartz movements ever produced. Interestingly enough Rolex was looking at “updating” the oyster line and the Genta design initially shipped with an automatic movement ie 1530, the Genta design introduced Sapphire crystals to the mass produced rolex line, solid bracelets as an aside the heaviest case you could get in a day-date at the time was an oysterquartz. The oysterquartz was not Rolex first quartz model that was the 5100 in 1970. Genta also designed a few Tudors in the original Ranger series.
Rolex also produced a few LED watches which were never released to compete with the popular Pulsar and Omega LED’s but thats a diff story.

TheKozlow says:

+Federico I

Girard Perregaux Laureato was worth mentioning.

Also I find very interesting that Mr. Genta had completely different designs under his own brand.

cyberline3 says:

4999 subs… So close.

Mickey Mouse says:

There is an interesting story about this homage:
Fascinating! The things we learn…
Great show!
(this too: )

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Love your videos!

Led Pencil says:

fun review!

steve march says:

Really like the IWC and the price point. Thank you I’m really starting to enjoy your videos and ur Conection/friendship to tvg

James Ji says:

Hi Federico what do you think about buying a vintage 18k gold AP Royal Oak 36mm. I got offered a great deal, but it’s abit small for me and i also couldn’t find much info on these 36mm ones. You could see some photos of it on my Instagram: james_ji007
Thank you very much

Locutus D'Borg says:

I think the PP 5711 nautilus sets the standard. Gorgeous watch with blue dial or white.

Thomas k says:

Girard Perregaux Laureate would be a good alternative I think.

Ewdison Then says:

I am pretty sure Overseas is not designed by Genta despite the “integrated” bracelet look – good video nonetheless

A8A says:

maybe the santos too

Svetoslav Popov says:

I love my Smiths PRS-40 🙂

Jason Beaton says:

Also love the IWC Ingenieur. Fits and wears like a dream and so much tech inside.

Harris Cohen says:

AP is overpriced in general by about 5k. Their customers are in the music and sports and entertainment world. Those people have little interest price or real value.

F1 YMS says:

The Octo is completely in house Bulgari movement.

Robert Kidd says:

Quality videos from a quality guy, keep up the good work!

Guideaux Pelagos says:

How nice! Finally someone endorsing the Octo (also the yellow gold chrono!). I’ve been showing that watch for a while but nobody seemd interested. So the integrated bracelet is a Genta design (so world’s first on the 751 – 1969 Constellation). IWC imo is even more ovepriced than Rolex, I don’t really understand what one gets for the money when buying a 7K IWC non date. It looks like one should be happy it even has got a seconds hand for that price… ? Cheers Federico!

Lycosa says:

Yepper… Okay man. alternatives to APRO. But I wont buy any alternative, especially for this classic. BEST.


DoomHolly says:

I always thought the Rolex Oyster Quartz (or Oyster Ref.1530) had something similar going on with the casing and the bracelet.


Good choices as a comparison but I think they’re too expensive to buy as alternatives. Plenty of inexpensive Royal oakish looking watches out there to fill someone’s void .

ToxicWastoid says:

Another good video. It’s now 5,025 subs, Federico!!!

marker20 says:

The Bvgalri Octo IS designed by Genta…essentially with a twist. Bvgalri bought the Gerald Genta brand and absorbed it into its own and rebranded the Gerald Genta Octo into a Bvlgari watch. Essentially the Octo is a Genta designed case with a Bvlgari designed dial.

Daniel T. Müller says:

Good selection, Federico!
Just a couple days ago I found pictures of the new AP Perpetual Calendar – the total package!
Nice edit at 6:55 min 😉

Jason Beaton says:

Congrats on 5 thousand subscribers. It all speeds up from here

Daveyboyz says:

Well if its the money putting you off the Audermars then look no further than the Bulova Royal Oak… available on Ebay for under $1000.   I have heard claims and counterclaims as to which company received the design first but the Bulova one looks like champagne for beer money.

FreedomVan says:

Officially my favorite watch channel. Great vid Fed!!

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