A Week On The Wrist: The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph. This is a watch that is so known to many of you, it may not need much of an analysis — but this is HODINKEE and you can believe you’re gonna get one. The Royal Oak Chronograph is a watch that has thousands of lovers the world over, and a few detractors, too. The ROC, as I’ll call it henceforth, is something of a middle ground between two completely distinct Audemars Piguet buyers — the collectors, and, well, everyone else. The Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore families often appeal to very different people, but I’ll get to that shortly. In this review, I tackle a mainstay in the AP lineup, and an interesting piece of haute horology, though one without its own in-house movement. I will look at how this 41mm column-wheel, vertical clutch chronograph wears, and if the matter of where the movement came from is even something worth noting at all. This is your HODINKEE Week On The Wrist with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, and it’s one worth spending some time with. For the full story, go to http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/audemars-piguet-royal-oak-chronograph-review


nighttrain7404 says:

I have a royal oak 41 mm stainless 2014 with blue waffle dial. Love it over my 41mm 2012 explorer II

Jimmer Perez says:

One day baby, one day..

Milan Kovacevic says:

Screwdown pushers are made for the water resistance purposes. Great watch, btw. Fascinating that is.

jim Maddox says:

lots of scratches on the watch at that price you think you would look after it better

polymath says:

Not at all classy. Looks like a rose gold German tank.

CroftBot says:

My daddy bought me this watch! <3

Ben Nakajima says:

Vacheron Constantin Overseas is better.

highlordfurer says:

gold has a lower moh rating than steel ,and generally a very low moh rating so gold watches scratch easy

John Webb says:


malthus101 says:

when is the yellow gold version coming out?

Lee bond says:


Zheng says:

Such a beautiful watch, I’m currently 16 hopefully this can be mine withing the next 10 years

Devan Hixson says:

Rolex is luxury?

V P says:

Never understood why AP is shown to be more beautiful or classy than Jaeger Le-Coultre, A Lange & Sohne or Patek.

melanin god says:


Bodybuilding Legends says:

This watch is a definition of kitsch. Seriously, who would like to wear it? Unless you’re a rapper who wants to impress a bunch of “niggas”, eventually an Arab sheikh or gypsy king…
This brand doesn’t deserve to be mentioned next to Patek or Vacheron.

ToxicWastoid says:

“It depends on how movement-snobby you want to be.” Love it.

Delage Eric says:

You scratched the hell of a $65 000 watch after wearing it for just a week !?

jose fabian vargas escobar says:

Thanks it was very helpful

James harrington says:


What you think of the new Rolex milguass?

Chris McDonell says:

How can he say it uses a mass produced movement (that’s modified by AP), then the next sentence say it’s the best true luxury chronograph when others use in-house movements, which are typically more desireable?

logwind says:

Cool piece, hideously overpriced.

SeaJayBelfast says:

Looks disgusting and tacky

SirRTFU says:

50k and doesnt have in house movement. I dont think people know how hard they are getting fucked when they buy an AP

TheFreshsmith says:

Future brought me here

ImTaylorGang says:

what’s the point of screw down crowns/pushers on a rose gold 50m water resistance watch aka don’t get near water LOL

peleti027 says:

RoseGold chrono. I dont see the point.

N D says:

Is the movement really not in house?

Filipino Sneakers says:

This shit cost $1M what the fck this watch have? why this shit cost almost million dollar???? anyone help me out!!!?? 

yall check this : http://www.jomashop.com/audpigroyaloak.html

DaxXx988 says:

so many scratches on the bezel in a week?

yory teperman says:

$50+K- Competitively priced? you must be kidding.

Michiel Tummers says:

Am i the only one who thinks the Royal Oak is an atrocious watch, one of AP’s worst? 🙁

Rich Paul says:

Incredibly ugly watch considering it costs over $50,000. The rose gold looks like copper.

TheFreshsmith says:

Future brought me here

TungstenCarbide Watch says:

If you cant afford one of these, check my channel

Rea Kamkar says:

terrible service at Audemars Piguet. they messed up my watch timing while there for bracelet change and now accept NO responsibility. completely unethical business practice.

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

How often do you have to service an AP? every few years, or every year?

theRealAV8r says:


Shahram Mazkoory says:

This is not as good as the 5980 the 5980 is the best looking chrono sports watch, each to their own.

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