A Perfect Gentlemen’s Luxury Dress Watch & The Classier Side Of Audemars Piguet – BA25589 Review

Today I finally get to review the latest acquisition to my collection and the first watch I have ever owned from the legendary “holy trinity” of Swiss ultra luxury watchmakers. This is an automatic ultra thin Audemars Piguet in solid yellow gold with moonphase, day, and date complications.

After years of searching for the perfect dress watch, I finally came across a sweet spot in the haute horology vintage luxury watch market. With the main emphasis of the AP brand currently on their massively iconic and important Royal Oak, we often forget that AP also made some stunningly elegant and understated classic timepieces. In this video I review my watch, share its negatives and positive points and give an overview of Audemars Piguet.

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Reece Gordon says:

He says he’s over the moon, but I think its just a phase… pun very much intended >.>

MrNightpwner says:

Hey could you please make a video identifying glycene combat subs pre and post Invicta acquisition?

Chris Davies says:


Great video as per usual – I was just wondering; if you were to suggest a dress watch to be worn with a suit for around the £500 mark, what would it be?

I’ve more or less homed in on the final choice but it would be great to hear your opinion!

crno dete says:

Killer watch.

Jasper CY says:

Tgv, the gentleman at the WatchArtSci channel owns this watch too!

Junaid Hashmi says:

My father had this watch sadly he did not pass it to me

Tristan Pouw says:

This is an anual calendar, right?

Edward Black says:

Beautiful watch. I’m no longer pert but I guess sailors may use a moon phase for tides? Also vampires? Wish you many happy years with this wonderful AP

pr0jectSkyneT says:

What are your thoughts on the AP Millenary 4101? Cant seem to find dedicated Youtube reviews on it.

Katrina Lopez says:

Absolutely classy piece and a great find! And I definitely don’t think the strap is too much. The color matches it perfectly.

APIOQM says:

Very cool watch TGV! It would be the only watch you own with some connection to JLC as well, no? That’s an added bonus if JLC watches are tradition in your family.

Interproservice says:

Dont like it at all 🙂 gr8 job anyway

affenkeks says:

Hi there TGV,
My comment isn’t really related to this video in particular, but your channel and personal views.
I have recently started watching your channel and I enjoy it a lot. Besides your watches, what intrigues me very much is your attitude towards being a “gentleman”, and proper form in general.

As this is a YouTube comment I don’t want to dive too deeply, so I’ll get to my main point here:
You oftentimes wear exotic leather straps with your watches, mainly crocodile leather it seems. And you also give advice where to best buy them for a more affordable price.
Firstly, there is ofcourse the aforementioned form to consider – are exotic leathers and animal parts, much like pelts, still good form and elegant in our time?
Then secondly there is the more than problematic production of those animal products.
I assume you know about the problems that come along with producing crocodile leather for example – from animal cruelty and wasteful behaviour to water pollution. Do these problem go hand in hand with your way of looking at the word, being cultured, respecting other things, making the world a better place?
As this subject obviously is close to my heart, I would really like to hear you opinion on it. Whether it is a conciouss decision or just something you’ve never really thought about.

Lastly, I don’t mean to offend anyone who wears those kinds of products. I too wear leatherware, and whether you do or don’t is purely a matter of your own personal conscience. But I do believe that it should be a conscious decision either way.

Thank you and best regards

Daniel Jung says:

That is an amazing piece. I must save up for something with such class.

Magikarp says:

Enjoy your watch dude good choice

Steve Barajas says:

Please do a review of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph. I plan to buy that watch in the near future.

fully mechanical says:

Lovely piece. Quite understated in its way.

Aby Mathew says:

Hello TGV, great review as always…Could you please help me out to buy my first luxury watch…My budget is around 3.5 — 5k Dollars…Is the Black bay Bronze is a good buy.??????..What would u get that budget in ur hand.???????????

Watch Aficionado says:

It’s too small..for most men…sorry if the truth hurts. 35mm and above would be better. I am sure the watch is of good quality…however, its too small for the modern man. You could have got a JLC 37-40mm modern watch for a similar price and with the same complications…and it probably would have a better movement. I do not respect the modern AP brand, as most rappers go for it these days..they are gaudy…

Reuben Schoots says:

G’day Tristano,

The AP looks perfect on your wrist. I too would not consider paying double for a perpetual calendar unless of course, the piece was my everyday watch. Your Grandfather’s Charles Frodsham is an outstanding example of English Watchmaking and I do enjoy the fact that you took inspiration from it in regards to your purchase of the AP. My Grandfather was one of my most important role-models and his watch is the only item I truly treasure.


Tristan Pouw says:

Mhm… Nice to see that you chose Johannes Vermeer as background…

555 Gear says:

Loved the indepth information Tristano, you found a remarkable entry into the holy trinity. Here’s to enjoying this watch for years to come.

Nimmer 187 says:

Great episode as always.Whats the model number of the vacheron at 1.01?

ozzycarnut says:

9:10 33mm? isnt this considered a ladies watch? no gent that i know of, past or present, would wear a 33mm. even my wife wears a 40mm. in today’s world, 40mm is generally considered the starting point, then up to 45 and 50 (if you can pull it off).

Strikeshot says:

What do you think of the Seiko Rally driver 7006-8030? Im looking forward to buy one. Thank you and keep up the good work. I love your videos.

Clemente Pascale says:

Hi! Congrats for the channel! I was wondering if there’s a risk of scratching the glass taking measurements with that tool. Cheers!

Ryan Mead says:

A little Swiss stunner O&U Ryan.

Brian Mason says:

Well done the watch is an A+…it’s classy bredren!!! I am impressed when watch brands have unisex options because they think outside the watchcase, so to speak, when it comes to preference and individuality.

JAT says:

Great vid as always TGV & thanks for enlightening me on AP ‘s history – I m not a fan of the Royal Oak , but this is just stunning – congrats!

Matt H says:

I cannot simply get over the beauty of your AP Tristano! Now when I think of AP I no longer think Royal Oak… I think of your little stunner!


Matt H.

Aatish Jain says:

“Citizen 4-653513 TA 60602850 61-9604 japan BLG Automatic”
A very old watch ( almost 30 years). I can send the pics also. Can you help me find out the history of this watch?

John Smith says:

The 90s are over!

Jorge Ribeiro says:

Is sad see AP of the past and see what AP is now.

Bart barry says:

That sir is one of the most beautiful watches ever made imo, personally prefer the rose gold

gmshadowtraders says:

Who gives a fuck what that phatso says. Your little watch is a stunner.

Michael Reyes says:

Review the bronze Tudor

J H says:

Superb episode TGV – I adore this watch. it’s top of my list now! I currently own and wear a Breitling navi 50th anniversary with deep brown/cherry leather strap. Let me know if you ever decide to sell this piece on

William Tracy says:

I really like the AP moon that you have here. I don’t like the other APs shown in your fine vid. The one with 4 small dials just looks too busy to me. But yours is just perfect I love the 33mm size and the thinness is remarkable. I have a Baylor triple date from the 1950s I believe its actually smaller (31mm) than yours but mine is very thick lol probably 3 times as thick as yours.

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