4K Review: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202st “Jumbo” Unboxing 2018

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the L.W.C channel.

This week we have a full unboxing and sticker removal of one of my holy grail watches: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202st Jumbo

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Suresh Obhan says:

Amazing watch….I agree with you one of the best bracelets…looks amazing on your wrist..smart decision of buying this dial…the watch and bracelet plays very well with the lights….

Andrew Holt says:

There is the AP iPhone catalogue you can get in the App Store. I think it was called ‘Jumbo’ because it was large when it was released at 39 mm when men’s watches were 36mm. The all gold Jumbo was released in 1977 and there is an Anniversary tribute released. I like the ‘Hour Glass’ yellow gold Jumbo with bottle green dial and one of 50 engraved in the 22ct rotor with Hour Glass. Personally, as I commented about your Patek Nautilus in stainless and the AP stainless as they are the top brands they are the same as an 18ct in Rolex, which I prefer as they are the waterproof watch rated to 100m as you couldn’t swim in 50m it’s just splash proof. But they are dress watches. I think your Nautilus is 100m though. I’d rather have an 18 ct Rolex GMT-Master II or Submariner Date or Yacht Master II for what you paid.

george w kush says:

your collection is looking out of this world, im super jealous but congrats!

The mexican Fonz says:

Very nice.

Brede Lægreid says:

I just love AP, hope to one day to become a watchmaker and own one of these holy grails my self!

Auttie B says:

Beautiful piece, congrats!

loxxrider says:

You definitely made the right choice!


Kept the white 1000000%

Zain Mughal says:

Whats the intro song name?
Greatttt vidro though

TheGamingCyborg says:

من قطر اخوي؟

usk13f says:

Beautiful watch, congratulations! Question is, do you prefer this bracelet over the Nautilus’ bracelet?

frieswithmayo says:

Superb… Did they ever do it in no date ? For the RO as well as for the Nautilus, I feel no date would be the ultimate, the purest… in this category my absolute fav is VC 82172

Yasir Jamal says:

Love the video!

saharsha thapaliya says:

Nice video

Zain Asghar says:

that video was nice and informative

saddampbuh says:

went with the nautilus instead but seeing this i’m thinking i need both

will sim says:

Hi, where do u get this ? I search all over

Harshil Patel says:

one of the best watches that you have in your collection. definitely a shinny masterpiece of AP. amazing video man, keep up the good work. still waiting on that Hublot though. JK 😛

jumboJetPilot says:

Congrats! I’m thinking about a Royal Oak, a 50 Fathoms, or a bespoke RGM. Tough decision!

Komor Uddin says:

Which country did you pick this up from?

Dutchman Chris says:

Looks great. Thanks a lot for the long shot of the movement. I love staring at those ‘holy trinity’ movement! Really nice.

arvid gunardi says:

Gorgeous watch!!

JO A says:

Thank you for a great review the blue RO is very nice and looks great. Did you purchase another Daytona?

Edward Van. says:

The blue dial is an upgrade imo, I love blue so no surprise there. Is it possible that you sold the white one through watchesldn (their instagram handle) as I saw that someone on instagram had bought one yesterday. I could be totally wrong but I’m quite curious. Other than that, what a stunning watch this is! Given you bought it at Harrods, have you heard of the tudor harrods edition, a limited series of black bays with a green bezel? I know I am bombarding you with questions, but above all, thank you for sharing these amazing video’s.

Logomet com says:

Do you have an email I can contact you? Just subscribed by the way. Great videos!

1000lightyrs says:

Ulysse Nardin has a similar warranty registration system, giving an additional 3 years when registered online, taking it to 5 years. And their warranty card is the most innovative I’ve seen. Enjoy your Jumbo man, one of my grails also.

DLH says:

The clasp is too thick for that bracelet and the crown is to small to get grip off. Those are the reasons I sold mine. Otherwise a superb watch. Most beautiful Watch ever made! Enjoy my friend.

Thomas Russo says:

The only drawback no screw down crown like the 15300 better also don’t like it has no seconds hand

Lawrence L says:

spot on

simbadda5 says:

Congrats. Beautiful watch

MultiLuc28 says:

From a collectors point of view, it’s definetely the RO to get. That said, you rightfully got rid of the white RO. They are both stunning pieces, but they look too similar to have both of them in the same collection.
I saw there was a limited edition with smoked blue dial. What are your thoughts on that? Do you like it, or would you choose the regular blue dial over it for the similarity to the original first RO?

Congratulations on your new addition. Your collection is getting on an other level!


i would have kept the 41 mm white dial any day…. that does not take away the beauty and class of this watch.. but 41 is a 41..

Madson Jean says:

Wow! Great video! Song??

Aly Alvarez says:

And which one? Nautilus or Royal Oak?

dimitris bastas says:

The most beautiful Royal Oak! I went at Athens boutique and worn it. It was just perfect on my wrist’s size. Then took a memorable photo and go..Why you didn’t adjust the bracelet to your wrist size? Do it and wear it all time. But carefully because it’s scratch magnet..

Marco B says:

Bellissimo orologio; sono un po’ deluso dal fatto che, dato che il movimento è a vista, potesse essere rifinito meglio. Comunque niente da dire sull’orologio. Complimenti!

Putra Ramadhan says:

your intro music is really good, can you tell me about it?

nice review btw

mitchbu1977 says:

the movement is not made in-house by AP – it’s a JLC movement

sypen1 says:

Jumbo all the way

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